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Devarrow Drops Single “Likewise” & Announces LP ‘Heart Shaped Rock’

Graham Ereaux, who makes music under the alias Devarrow, releases their first single, “Likewise,” from the upcoming LP ‘Heart Shaped Rock.’



Devarrow, photo by Bells Larsen

Graham Ereaux, who makes music under the alias Devarrow, is releasing his first single, “Likewise,” from the upcoming LP Heart Shaped Rock. Despite his seemingly bustling life in rural coastal Canada as a carpenter, surfer, and nature lover, his latest album, Heart Shaped Rock, defies any notion of musical complacency.  

Talking about his song, Devarrow mentions, “‘Likewise’ is in fact an older song which has been substantially reworked. It first was written during an artist residency at the Banff Centre of the Arts back in 2019, and at that time had an entirely different chorus. The present chorus was actually just an outro.”

Opening his LP with the lines, “Every morning I just wake up and I just wash my face. Go downstairs and make some breakfast, coffee, and some bacon and eggs,” the record offers a refreshing take on life’s simple pleasures, injecting vitality into a folk genre that can often lean towards melancholy.

Riley Lamarche comments on the video:

“When we empathize with villains we learn that narcissism is a trauma response to be healed instead of scorned. When we identify with vampires we see that there are is no good or evil.”

“When I was looking through old demos when work shopping for Heart Shaped Rock, I found myself being quite drawn to the outro more than anything, so decided to rework the song with that being the chorus. I felt the song had quite a poppy feel, so leaned in to create a version which felt a little angsty, but welcoming, and accessible to a wide audience.”

“Reflecting the ethos of the song and its somewhat abstract and meaningless inception, the video for ‘Likewise’ came about in a similar fashion. Abandoning strong narratives, Riley focused more on producing a video that feels abstract while still being human. It’s about small town life, but also not, it’s about being an outsider, but also not, it’s about nothing and a lot all at the same time” says Graham on the music video.

Devarrow ‘Heart Shaped Rock’ album artwork

Devarrow ‘Heart Shaped Rock’ album artwork

Riley Lamarche directed the video and explains, “In the end, we are all just a bunch of self-serving dingos that probably didn’t get enough love as children. Yes I mean you. Shoutout to Gavin who may be the least vampiric person I have ever met and the definitely the most dashing fiend on the South Shore of NS. Shoutout to Devarrow for taking a silly idea and running with it before we even knew what it meant.”

Heart Shaped Rock Track Listing:

1. Lightning Bolt
2. Likewise
3. Heart Shaped Rock
4. Together Again
5. Holy Ghost
6. Pictures
7. Half Of You
8. Bus Baby
9. Falling Into Pieces
10. Help Me
11. All The Little Things
12. Talking Shit
13. Come Again

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