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David Haerle Unveils “Hidden Treasure” with the Premiere of His New Video

Singer-songwriter David Haerle unveils the video for his new single “Hidden Treasure” from his upcoming fourth studio record.



David Haerle, photo by Michael Pottle
David Haerle, photo by Michael Pottle

As the career of David Haerle makes crystal clear, music is the one profession where you don’t have to start young. Haerle has shown that you can get started at any age and still have a successful, fulfilling career. The singer-songwriter has been remarkably productive over the last few years, and now he has returned with the music video debut for his new single “Hidden Treasure.” The song will be featured on his upcoming fourth studio album, expected in 2025.

Only 15 years ago, Haerle started actively pursuing a writing and performing career. Until then, his career had been defined by running CMH Label Group for over three decades, which he inherited from his late father. Haerle worked as a music agent in the late 1980s when his father suddenly passed. Haerle took over the family business and focused on handling and improving the business. But all the while, he never stopped playing guitar.

Haerle had this to say about “Hidden Treasure:”

“My spiritual mentor, the late Terry Richey, once relayed his belief to me that within all people lay treasures of sorts. He was referring to treasures of the spirit, our human qualities, our individual stories, trials or burdens we have faced, those we have overcome and those we have yet to overcome, or, perhaps, those past difficulties we are just coping with in some way. According to his belief, these treasures may not always be readily apparent and might take time to see. Although they lay within all people, sometimes they are hidden or a little harder to find.

“‘Hidden Treasure’ is about keeping that in mind. It is about taking the time to talk with people, asking an extra question or two, and going beyond our initial judgments of others, which may only be surface-deep. It’s about making a habit of looking for such treasure. The rewards can be significant. Is there anything like human connection?”

Haerle has come a very long way since he began studying with a vocal coach in 2009. Those vocal lessons proved vital in his decision to pursue his songwriting career. It inspired him to look at music in a whole different fashion. Over the next few years, Haerle began to tone down his schedule at CMH while building a recording studio in his home. He began devoting large chunks of time to songwriting as Haerle immersed himself in a record that would take seven years to finish.

His debut album, Garden of Edendale, was released in 2018. That has been followed by his sophomore effort, Death Valley, in 2020 and his third record, El Camino Sierra, in 2023. It’s been an unconventional road to now for David Haerle. But he wants you to know that deciding the road you travel is up to you. Not anyone else.

David Haerle “Hidden Treasure” single artwork

David Haerle “Hidden Treasure” single artwork

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