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BendreTheGiant Reassure Listeners with New Single “You’ll Be Ok” [Premiere]

Led by the talents of Ben Estrada, BendreTheGiant premieres their brand new single “You’ll Be OK” from their new EP ‘Get Well Soon!.’



BendreTheGiant, photo by Delos Erickson
BendreTheGiant, photo by Delos Erickson

When the chips are down, you have to do what you can to keep moving forward, a message at the heart of BendreTheGiant’s new single “You’ll Be Ok.” Today, the singer-songwriter reveals that single, which will be featured on his upcoming EP Get Well Soon!

Ben Estrada has been actively releasing music since 2020. But “You’ll Be Ok” and the other tracks on Get Well Soon! mark the first time he has included outside collaborators. BendreTheGiant is so much more than just Estrada now. It’s now a full-fledged band with six members in total, all contributing to the sound and scope of this record.

Discussing “You’ll Be Ok” and its recording process, Estrada states:

“When I wrote this song I wanted to express the feeling of losing love and coping with the loss and trying to see some light at the end of the tunnel. This EP has been an amazing process and has blown my expectations as a musician and as the writer/creator of these songs. Specifically, with ‘You’ll Be Ok’ the addition of these instruments and musicians turned it from a bedroom pop vibe into a fully realized song.”

He adds, “We also had an awesome singer Layla Ramos sing the female perspective and her style helped shape the final sound of this song. I am so proud of all the work my friends have put into my music, it has elevated it into our music.”

Although the composition of BendreTheGiant has changed, it remains primarily a vessel for Ben Estrada’s musical imagination. When he relocated to Eugene, Oregon, he reconnected with Delos Erickson, an old friend who’s also a musician. Erickson assisted Estrada in putting together a talented group of local musicians to assist the latter in his solo compositions. Erickson is an old friend of Estrada’s, dating back to their high school days. He introduced Estrada to Eli and Nate Hansen, previously of the group The Graduating Class. Estrada then met Ben Harris and Avery Scanlon, and a band began to unite.

When Estrada and Erickson reconnected in the winter of 2023, they immediately got to work on this record. BendreTheGiant is now a fully realized ensemble and touring act, as Estrada leads the way with his unique musical vision.

Tour Dates:

06/05 – The Jazz Station Eugene, OR
06/06 – Alberta Street Pub Portland, OR
06/09 – John Henry’s, Eugene OR w/ FoamBoy
07/05 – The Mission Theatre, Portland OR w/ Blossom and Doink!
08/02 – Walker Stadium, Portland OR
08/09 – Volcanic Theatre, Bend OR
08/10 – Neurolux, Boise ID w/ Hand Trembler

BendreTheGiant ‘Get Well Soon!’ album artwork

BendreTheGiant ‘Get Well Soon!’ album artwork