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bbno$ Brings the Baby Bonanza Festival to Vancouver’s Stanley Park [Photos]

Hip-hop star bbno$ brought his Baby Bonanza Festival to Vancouver in support of the Downtown East Side Women’s Centre.



bbno$ on May 26, 2024, photo by Randy Romero
bbno$ on May 26, 2024, photo by Randy Romero

bbno$ gathered a group of friends to perform at his Baby’s Bonanza Festival at the Malkin Bowl in the middle of Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC, all supporting the Downtown East Side Women’s Centre.

The Vancouver rapper and his friends put up on a show in the middle of the non-stopping rain, mud, and chilly weather, but the fire lineup helped to keep the crowd fire up and weatherproof.

The evening started with the performance of local artist Jungle Bobby. The eccentric rapper brought great energy, love, and positivity to the stage. He had long interactions with the audience, always spreading love and high energy through his beats.

The second performer was another Vancouver rapper, Eric Reprid. Reprid went viral a few months ago for his video for “Suki.” In the video, he appears rapping while eating cup noodles with chopsticks. Reprid not only opened his set with this hit but closed with it as well.

Haviah Mighty was next up. The only female on the roster came from Toronto to support the cause. She had an incredible stage presence and delivered a commendable performance. Some of the songs Haviah performed included “Manifesting,” “Big Drip,” and her most notable hit, “Trendsetter.”

If you were following Eurovision 2024, you would recognize the winner, Joost Klein. He was the next performer and turned the crowd upside down with his energetic performance.

During his set, Joost was excited to be in Canada for the first time, so much so that he shouted “Canada” close to a hundred times. His music is so contagious that he sang a few songs in Dutch. But nobody cared and kept dancing and jumping feeling the great vibes of his music.

Freddie Dredd, another Ontario rapper, hopped to the stage. His last show in Vancouver was about a year ago, and it felt like the fans missed him. The crowd was rapping along to his hits like “Opaul,” “Cha Cha,” and “Rockefeller.”

The night was almost ending, and it was the time of Yung Gravy. He ran through songs such as “Mr. Clean,” “oops!,” “Betty (Get Money),” “Gravy Train,” and others. He also sang his latest drop, “Clementine,” a country song, and said that he might drop a full country album.

After Gravy’s solo set, bbno$ joined him on stage and performed some of their Baby Gravy songs. It featured tracks such as “C’est La Vie,” “The Boys Are Back in Town,” “You Need Jesus,” and “Welcome to Chilis.”

bbno$ was left by himself on stage, and he went ahead to show his favourite cookbook, The Real Food Daily Cookbook by Ann Gentry and offered it to the most hyped fan by the end of the show.

While performing, to go along with the theme of the night, he had some circus act on the stage like a sword sallower and a juggler and had friends walking around the venue with full medieval metal armours and dresses.

bbno$ opened his set with Edamame, and some of the songs he performed were “Mathematics,” “Lil’ Freak,” “Bag or Die,” and closed with “Lalala.”

The festival was a remarkable success, and they raised 100,000 dollars for the Downtown East Side Women’s Center. Hopefully, they run it back next year.