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A Good Rogering Premiere Their Stellar “All There Ever Is” Lyric Video

A Good Rogering has premiered the intergalactic new lyric video for “All There Ever Is,” another single off of ‘Systematic Paralysis.’



A Good Rogering in 2023
A Good Rogering in 2023

A Good Rogering (who we’ve covered before) has been riding a wave since the release of their latest album, Systematic Paralysis, in 2022. They are extending that wave by releasing their new lyric video for “All There Ever Is.” In some respects, they have made up for lost time, considering the five-year gap between Systematic Paralysis and 2017’s This Is Death Metal.

They have released several accompanying videos for singles from this record, making it more than just an album release. Now, almost every song on the record has its visual accompaniment. The focus remains on the music, but these various videos have helped diversify the band and expose them to new audiences.

Regarding the video clip, A Good Rogering lead singer and guitarist Skunk Manhattan comments:

“We once again employed lyric video connoisseur Scott Rudd for our new lyric video for ‘All There Ever Is.’ Unlike our prior lyric videos which worked primarily off a singular image, this sombre closing track on Systematic Paralysis utilizes scores of images of a lone astronaut among desolate landscapes. These paintings, created by artist and musician Flooko, encapsulate themes of isolation, vastness, mortality, and time, which work well with the lyrics, tone, and texture of the song.

“Soon after discovering Flooko’s unique art and astronaut character, I envisioned this lone traveller of time and space syncing well with the pacing and thematic implications of this tune. In my mind it gave a slight 2001 Kubrick touch to the song, as well as featuring some absolutely stellar artwork! Pun intended.”

A Good Rogering ‘Systematic Paralysis’ album artwork

A Good Rogering ‘Systematic Paralysis’ album artwork

If you follow the video releases from “Face Value” to “All There Ever Is,” you will notice some continuity. There are common threads, themes, and characters that appear through many of these clips. Some of the most common recurring themes are the dangers of censorship, social media, and AI. There are also lighter elements to these videos meant to maintain some levity within the serious commentary. With the use of various Easter eggs, the band pays homage to some classic films like you’ll see in the one for “Another Handout.”

About to celebrate 15 years since their 2010 debut album, Long Overdue, Manhattan has really established himself as a driving force. He has really succeeded in establishing the band as not just a musical force, but a group that has something to say. They are currently working on new material, with some singles set to be released later this year. We will eagerly and gleefully look forward to what’s coming next.

Systematic Paralysis Track Listing:

1. Face Value
2. Systematic Paralysis
3. A Victory Lost
4. Another Handout
5. Hands of the Conqueror
7. Clones for Death
8. All There Ever Is

A Good Rogering “All There Ever Is” single artwork

A Good Rogering “All There Ever Is” single artwork