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30 Seconds To Mars Host “Biblical” Experience at Manchester AO Arena [Photos]

The Jared Leto-led rockers deliver a night that is nothing short of biblical at Manchester AO Arena. Check out the photos and review here…



30 Seconds To Mars Live
Tiny Habits, photo by Graham Finney Photography

Rescheduled from earlier in the year, the Jared Leto-led 30 Seconds To Mars arrived in Manchester for the latest date on this short UK run of arena shows and I have to admit that it was with intrigue that I set off for the AO Arena to see the actor/rockstar in action.

Intrigue because, not only am I’m not really sure quite what a 30 Seconds To Mars fan looks like these days but also because reports of previous shows have been mixed. That being said, whatever previous press reports have said, the AO Arena is absolutely packed out by the time a huge countdown appears on the screen.

Touring in support of their 2023 album It’s the End of the World but It’s a Beautiful Day, a spotlight lights up the concourse at the back of the arena and, to the amazement of fans the band, including Leto, weave their way through the crowd to the stage. It’s an incredible sight and, as hit single “Closer To The Edge” pumps out, the band high five members of the audience before finally taking to the stage.

Now, whatever your opinion of the eccentric 30 Seconds To Mars frontman is, you can’t deny that the band put one hell of a rock show. Racing around the stage, Leto is a captivating frontman who really knows how to play the part of a rockstar. The undeniable star of the show, many accuse Leto of possessing a God complex, something which the almost religious “Walk On Water” does nothing to dampen down.

The rest of the set sees 30 Seconds To Mars playing out some of their biggest hits, an acoustic midsection and plenty of audience participation. That participation comes in the form of walkabouts in the crowd from Leto and his invitation for groups of fans to join him on stage for some of their biggest hits. The show predictable ends with the biggest of those hits and, as “Closer To The Edge” wraps up the night, it’s hard to deny that this rock show has been anything other than, if you pardon the phrase, “biblical”.

Check out the set-list from the Manchester show here, along with our gallery from the gig.

30 Seconds To Mars Set List:

1. Up in the Air
2. Kings and Queens
3. Walk on Water
4. Rescue Me
5. Seasons
6. Hail to the Victor
7. Hurricane
8. This Is War
9. A Beautiful Lie
10. Alibi
11. Do or Die
12. Stay
13. City of Angels
14. Night of the Hunter
15. From Yesterday
16. Attack
17. Stuck
18. The Kill (Bury Me)
19. Closer to the Edge

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