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Thirteen Bands You Need To See At… Bearded Theory Festival

Bearded Theory kicks off festival season in the UK this weekend. To help, we’ve picked out thirteen bands we think you need to see…



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And we’re off… Festival Season in the UK finally returns this weekend as music fans put the damp winter months behind us and head out to locations across the UK to celebrate the return of enjoying music, comedy and entertainment with tens of thousands of likeminded music lovers.

First up this weekend, V13 is heading down to Bearded Theory festival which is taking place at Catton Hall in Derbyshire. An eclectic way to kick off our festival season, we’ve had a look down the line-up and picked out ten acts you need to see.

1. Janes’ Addiction

Probably one of the biggest names on the bill this weekend, the Perry Farrell led American rockers will be making their long-awaited return to the UK this weekend and will be bringing a splash of glamour and colour to the festival. Expect a huge headlining set from the iconic alternative rockers as Farrell and Co look set to kickstart UK festival season with a bang.

2. Soft Play

The band formerly known as Slaves until 2022, English punk rockers Soft Play were a familiar face on the festival circuit around the UK in 2023. It might be a new name for the punk duo from Kent but, as we witnessed ourselves, the show has not lost any of it’s chaotic, unpredictable edge making them one name that should be high up on your list for this weekend.

3. Therapy?

If you’re a rock fan and you don’t put these Irish boys on your list of bands to see this weekend, then you need to check your head. The perfect blend of cheeky Irish humour and huge rock anthems, Andy Cairns and Therapy? are the kind of band who put a smile on the faces of crowds at whatever festival they appear at. Expect things to be no different this weekend as they promise to rock the shit out of Bearded Theory.

4. Green Lung

Formed in London in 2017, Green Lung add a dose of heaviness to the bill this weekend with their rumbling cocktail of stoner and doom rock. One of the few bands on this eclectic bill, the occult rock outfit from the capital might not be everyone’s cup of tea looking at the rest of the bill but you can be sure that when they hit the stage, their 70s heavy metal inspired rock will certainly be hard to ignore.

5. The Meffs

We’ve already had one punk band in our list but, as it’s our list, who cares if there is even more punk rock. Another punk rock two-piece, these English lads play frantic punk rock and are fast becoming one of the talked about names on the circuit as they plan to spend the rest of 2024 bring their Broken Britain inspired anthems to the moshpits of the live music scene. This weekend they turn up to Bearded Theory so, if you’re angry at the state of the UK, these lads could be the perfect antidote.

6. Lambrini Girls

Brighton three-piece the Lambrini Girls are a name that has been much-talked about in the last few years. Offering a safe space for fans no matter who you are, the Brighton outfit promise to deliver a raucous, life-affirming set of punk rock anthems to the Bearded Theory masses this weekend. Be warned though, act like a dick during their set and the band will make your arse doesn’t touch the floor on the way out of the door.

7. The Bar Stool Preachers

Another Brighton band, The Bar Stool Preachers have made it their mission to ensure their sound is one you can’t put a label on. They describe their songs as “politically-driven, angry and catchy.” Sounds the perfect combination to us. If, like the Brighton crew, you’ve got a diverse musical palette, and like your music with a bit of bite, then make sure you spare a bit of time to check out The Bar Stool Preachers.

8. Amyl & The Sniffers

Amyl & The Sniffers are worth your attention even if only as a token of gratitude for the fact that the band have trekked over from Melbourne, Australia to be here. That being said, the highly-respected, hard-working Aussie punk rockers should be high on your list of check out bands because, inspired and compared to the likes of Iggy Pop and AC/DC, you know you’ll want to be part of this packed tent when the Aussie band hit the stage and all hell breaks loose.

9. Noah & The Loners

These London chaps might be a new name on the block but frontman Noah is making sure their brand of alternative rock is fast becoming impossible to ignore. Fronted by teenager Noah Lonergan, the band promise songs about teenage love and toxic masculinaty all-wrapped up in an American punk rock style sound. The London band are already high on our radar (check out our feature with the band here) and we highly recommend you check them out as you might come away having discovered one of your new favourite bands.

10. Bob Vylan

What needs to be said about Bob Vylan? His live shows have already gained legendary status and we expect Bearded Theory to be the first of many festival this Summer where he cements his position as one of the most vital and exciting acts British music has to offer. Not only are his live shows unforgettable but his vicious, scathing lyrical anthems are perfect for Britain in 2024. We don’t need to tell you how utterly essential Bob Vylan is. Don’t be a fool by missing him out this Summer starting with this weekend.

11. Punk Rock Factory

You already love Welsh loons Punk Rock Factory and, after a few beers and a day in the sun, what could be more perfect than bouncing around in a tent with your mates as these boys blast through their ridiculousy fun punk rock covers? Look, we’ve seen them at Download and Bloodstock and their live show is an absolute blast. Bearded Theory will be no different as they promise to put a smile on the face of even the most hard-faced music fan.

12. Big Special

One read through Del Pike’s review from the recent Big Special headline show in Liverpool (read it here) and you’ll know how highly we rate these lads. Continuing to preview their upcoming new album POST INDUSTRIAL HOMETOWN BLUES, there should be no sign of anything other than pure joy at Bearded Theory as this poetic punk rock promises to be very special.

13. Sonic Boom Six

When we saw the name Sonic Boom Six on the bill, we got a tad excited. Having not been around for a few years now, at their peak, the British ska-punk outfit were one of the most exciting, passionate, explosive live bands on the scene. A dual-vocal, hook-laden assault on the senses, the return of the Six has got us very excited for this weekend and we hope it isn’t just a one-off but, if it is, Bearded Theory punters have bagged themselves something that will be utterly unforgettable.

Festivals aren’t only about the music though and Bearded Theory is the perfect example of a festival that has something for everyone from comedy to family activities. If you still haven’t got your ticket for Bearded Theory or want more information on everything that is going on this weekend, head over to the Official Bearded Theory website here.

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