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Scrimmage Premiere Their Chilled-Out New Single “Little Foot”

Chilled-out songwriting duo Scrimmage has premiered their chill new single “Little Foot” from their latest EP ‘Velour.’



Scrimmage, photo by James Magee
Scrimmage, photo by James Magee

Chill may be the adjective that comes to mind when considering Brooklyn duo Scrimmage. Led by Connor Lewis and Carr Bonner, the songwriting team unveils their new single and music video for “Little Foot.” The song is from their upcoming EP, Velour, the follow-up to their 2022 debut, Superego.

A chill, late-night sounding track, “Little Foot” is about an insomniac urgently seeking comfort and connection. There’s hope and anxiety within the song, representative of the emotions one might feel when suffering from insomnia. Musically, the song features uplifting synths with a dark vibe that feels calm and urgent. This is a contrast that appears throughout the duo’s songwriting endeavours.

Commenting on “Little Foot,” Scrimmage states:

“We are excited to share our first music video and single from our upcoming EP, Velour. ‘Little Foot’ is a haunted reflection of the human desire for love and connection. The ghostly, uncanny texture of the video amplifies that.”

Featuring six new tracks, Velour conjoins together introspective lyrics and a diverse musical approach. Recorded in only four days at Figure 8 Studios in Brooklyn, Lewis and Bonner show why they are such a dynamic songwriting team. The EP invites you into a contemplative space and a thematic center, which they refer to as “plush indifference.” They present the concept of finding relief within an ever-changing world that is encapsulated by the comforting imagery elicited by the word velour. Lewis and Bonner’s songs come together like collages. There is no set process, instead, they rely on instinct and intuition. By sifting through old voice notes and Ableton files, they can take half-formed melodies and recorded snippets and transform them into fully realized songs.

Velour is meant to envelop listeners in a space of sonic warmth and introspection, a deeper space of softness and security. The artwork is also meant to inspire comfort and serenity. In a world defined by disorder and distractions, Scrimmage aims to be that calming presence.

Scrimmage “Little Foot” single artwork

Scrimmage “Little Foot” single artwork