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Behind the Video

Behind the Video: Rooted Uncovers Their “Heart of This Place” Music Video

LA band Rooted shares a behind the scenes look at their new pop-rock music video “Heart of This Place” with an exclusive interview.



Image of Rooted, courtesy of artist
Rooted, photo courtesy of artist

Sparkling songcraft, impressive musicality, and captivating enthusiasm. Rooted is a five-member indie pop-rock band from the Los Angeles suburbs of the San Gabriel Valley whose shining artistry far surpasses the members’ chronological ages. The Asian-American quintet of high school students has recently released a new single, “Heart of This Place,” to capture the essence of love, friendship, and the magic of LA.

Working with Bernard Yagee (songwriter and producer of the track), the catchy hooks and uplifting energy serve as an anthem for anyone who has found solace and belonging in the vibrant heart of a bustling metropolis. Set against a backdrop of shimmering lights and starlit skies, the song paints a picture of reunion and celebration. Maddox Lim and Genevieve Thai deliver emotive vocals backed by Rooted’s signature blend of pop and rock, creating a sonic landscape that is both nostalgic and exhilarating.

We sat down with two members of Rooted, the aforementioned Lim and Eula Johnson, to get the inside scoop on their newest music video and the heart behind the music.

Who directed the video?

Maddox Lim:Ben Ephraim, co-founder of the Solstice Collective, directed the music video. He is a film student at USC.”

What’s the concept behind the video? Help us to understand the video’s concept in more detail and how it ties into the lyrics.

Eula Johnson: “The concept behind this video was that a couple of girls got together to see their old studio where they had band practices; they started playing a tune and reliving memories, then imagined that the whole band was back together, playing this song together.”

Lim: “Somewhere in the distant future… the band has moved on in life. Two of the members visit the old studio and are reminded of the last time the band was together.”

Did Rooted have a concept in mind based on the song? Or was the video creator given full reign to come up with a suitable visual companion?

Lim: “We wanted a video that told the story of our song. The director pitched a few ideas at us until we found something we all loved together.”

Behind the scenes of “Heart of This Place” music video, courtesy of artist

Behind the scenes of “Heart of This Place” music video, courtesy of artist

Do you prefer writing a video around the theme of a song or just going to a warehouse and banging out a live performance?

Johnson: “I would rather write a video around the theme of the song, and make it have more of a story, showing the true meaning of the song.”

Where was it made?

Lim: “Downtown LA.”

What was your favourite part behind the creation of the video?

Lim: “Our favourite part is hanging out and brainstorming with our band members and the crew. Just making the video. It was a really great opportunity we were given, and we’re thankful to work with such talented people.”

Based on how this one was made, are you looking forward to doing another?

Lim: “Yes! We enjoyed the process of filming and are extremely proud of the final result. We hope to create another music video once we have new music so stay tuned!”

Behind the scenes of “Heart of This Place” music video, courtesy of artist

Behind the scenes of “Heart of This Place” music video, courtesy of artist

What’s a music video you think was just too weird to appreciate?

Lim:JoJo Siwa comes to mind…”

YouTube is the go-to for most people, but where do you prefer to watch music videos and why?

Johnson: “YouTube is definitely the go-to place to go to watch music videos. That’s because it’s easy to access on there and you can watch as many as you want, and also find new ones.”

What makes a music video “bad” or “good?” What makes it “great?”

Lim: “We love music videos that have a story or meaning behind them. A great music video stays with you, and you keep coming back to watch.”

How important a role does social media play in sharing videos and increasing exposure?

Johnson: “It is so so important! Promoting and posting the music video is probably the best way to increase exposure.”

What should a music video set out to accomplish? Do you feel like yours did that?

Lim: “A music video should interpret the meaning and emotion of the song through visual storytelling. We hope our music video did that.”

Is a well-made DIY video just as good or beneficial as a professionally made/directed video?

Johnson: “Yes! Absolutely. DIY music videos are so fun to watch and can be so much more authentic and genuine than a directed one.”

What do you hate about music videos? What did you wish there was less of? And what could the medium do away with?

Lim: “Videos that promote sex and violence.”

Image of Rooted, courtesy of artist

Image of Rooted, courtesy of artist

Which genre do you think makes the best music videos?

Johnson: “I think that romantic songs make the best music videos because the music videos always have a story behind it and it is filmed in a cinematic way. But the ones where super cool bands just rock out are just as cool.”

What’s your favourite thing about music videos?

Lim: “A good music video is able to elevate how audiences feel about a song to another level. It helps a band or artist connect with their audiences in a more intimate way and sometimes even rediscover or change how they initially felt about a song. That’s pretty amazing.”

Johnson: “My favourite thing about music videos is how it shows the song’s meaning and expresses the artist’s feelings in the song.”

What are some of your favourite music videos? What about when you were growing up?

Johnson: “Some of my favourite music videos growing up were the ones from Katy Perry, such as her  videos for ‘Roar’ and ‘Wide Awake.’”

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