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Nessa P Has Released Her Summer-Ready EP, ‘Only Love’

Nessa P celebrates the release of her new EP, Only Love, a poignant exploration of love’s transformative power.



Nessa P, photo by Eric Rivera
Nessa P, photo by Eric Rivera

Nessa P celebrates the release of her new EP, Only Love, a poignant exploration of love’s transformative power and ability to transcend human relationships’ ordinary challenges. This collection showcases Nessa’s indie electronic style, infused with influences from icons like Purple Disco Machine and Fred Again, crafting a soundscape that vibrates with authenticity and emotional depth.

Only Love” delves into the complexities of love—its challenges and moments of pure connection. The title track, born from a spontaneous burst of creativity, captures the essence of enduring love and the wisdom of patience. Throughout the EP, Nessa P weaves a narrative that reflects her personal and artistic growth, culminating in tracks that not only entertain but resonate on a deeper level.

This EP showcases her evolving artistry through a blend of indie electronic and disco nuances, marked by emotionally resonant lyrics and lush, dynamic production. Each track serves as a vignette, painting vivid pictures of personal experiences and broader existential reflections, making Only Love not just a collection of songs but a narrative journey. This EP solidifies Nessa P’s place in the modern music scene as a bold and introspective voice.

Nessa P comments on her first EP:

“Now that the EP is out in the world, I feel a lot of emotions, it’s been a whirlwind. This EP is about love and connecting to others. My favorite track ‘Dance (All Night)’ is about connection through dance, spending hours and hours dancing with friends. In the end, only love can endure, my hope is to spread love wherever I go!”

From the euphoric highs of “Dance (All Night)”—a tribute to the vibrant San Francisco nightlife—to the introspective vibes of “Tokyo Games (2020),” Nessa articulates a spectrum of emotional experiences, backed by her signature synth-driven beats and heartfelt lyrics. “(Gotta) Do This” addresses the theme of depression with a candidness that’s both refreshing and deeply moving, offering a message of freedom through vulnerability.

Nessa P’s collaboration with the gifted Kahsii Autamese and the nuanced production skills of Chuck TZ has brought a fresh dynamic to the EP, enriching the overall sound and ensuring that each track offers something uniquely compelling.

As Nessa P embarks on this new chapter, she invites listeners to join her in a journey that celebrates the multifaceted nature of love, life, and the power of music. The EP Only Love is available now on all major streaming platforms, and fans are encouraged to experience the depth of Nessa’s latest work, which promises to be both a sonic adventure and a soulful odyssey.

Nessa P "Only Love" single artwork

Nessa P “Only Love” single artwork

Nessa P "(Gotta) Do This" single artwork

Nessa P “(Gotta) Do This” single artwork

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