Fake News Count Down Their Top 10 Emerging Australian Punk Bands

Gold Coast punk rock band Fake News joins us to countdown their Top 10 emerging punk rock bands from their native Australia.



Fake News

We get inundated with the term fake news in the media every day, so let’s try to give you a more positive version of it in the form of the rock band Fake News. The Australian ensemble is ready to release their new EP, Time & Place, on May 29th. It is the follow-up to their 2023 EP Take Me Away and continues the musical evolution that we have witnessed over the last few years. The band plays an exciting version of modern punk rock, with homage paid to the ’90s forefathers. Time & Place features loads of catchy hooks, inspiring guitar riffs, and passionate lyrics. The EP chronicles the trials and tribulations of modern life, navigating all of its highs and lows. Their sound is melodic but urgent and expressive, similar to all of the great punk acts, past and present.

Hailing from Queensland in northeastern Australia, the band has begun to make a name for themselves as a live act. They have played as support to Lagwagon, Pennywise, and A Wilhelm Scream. It’s all come along fairly quickly for an act that released their debut LP, Everyday Warrior, only three years ago. Energy and positivity are the driving force behind Fake News, an approach that will surely take them far.

Joining us today for a special Top 10 list is Fake News, who count down for us their ten favourite emerging punk rock bands from their native Australia.

1. Deadheat

“Deadheat is a super fun four-piece pop punk band from the Sunshine Coast. These guys have a great live energy and lots of catchy songs inspired by the late ’90s and early ’00s punk bands. If you’re not jumping with them at their live shows it’s because you have weak legs. The guys love to have a joke and a bit of fun as do we so when we are playing together it’s always a barrel of laughs mixed with some great tunes.”

2. The Wolston Butchers

“This is a high-octane machine of a band from the Sunshine Coast. These guys hold up as a catchy punk band with some brutal screams. They are a must-see live band that will keep you guessing. They blur the line between pop punk and hardcore. With a tight yet chaotic set, you know when you’ve been to a Butchers gig! Definitely another band we love to play with, and empty band riders dry alongside.”

3. Friends With the Enemy

“This is a melodic skate punk band from the Gold Coast. FWTE has some technical guitar riffs and melodic harmonies and has a powerhouse female vocalist. Forming back in 2009, FWTE has done it all, and they are still coming out with some great new tunes, which you can hear for yourself on their latest album, Divide & Conquer.”

Fake News “Moving On” single artwork

4. No Quarter

“No Quarter is a fast ’90s style punk band from Newcastle/Brisbane. These guys have mastered the art of writing and performing quality punk rock music, which certainly attracts our attention and makes them worthy of yours. Another powerhouse Aussie punk band that brings melodies and guitar riffs that will get the blood pumping. Side effects from their live show include sore necks from head banging and shortness of breath.”

5. Knife Hands

“Hailing from the sleepy little island called Tasmania. There is nothing sleepy about these boys though. They pack a huge punch in their songs and it really hits home when you see them playing live. When Fake News and Knife Hands are playing together the whole building is pulsing with energy and a night not to be missed. They are setting the benchmark for quality new punk rock to a new level and we are big fans of it.”

6. Judo Chop

“Judo Chop is another highly underrated Aussie punk band. This six-piece tech punk outfit from Melbourne can do it all. Their music in itself is something that can put your ears into overload. There is so much going on and they do it so well. Tight drums, catchy vocals, and bass lines that will blow your mind, as well as three-guitar harmonies for days. They are no studio princesses though, they can pull it off live too. If Judo Chop is in town rest assured we won’t be missing that opportunity to see them. (Lead singer) Murray (McDonald) also has the biggest calves known to man. They are a spectacle to behold on their own!”

7. Outer Control

“The one-line description they offer is enough to get you enticed. Fast melodic skate punk like it’s 1998 again! Could you ask for anything more? We can tell you they aren’t lying. These guys only burst onto the scene in the last couple of years and have been making a name for themselves quite quickly and they are just getting started. I have no doubt you will be hearing more from these Aussie punkers. Well worth a listen.”

8. All Hope Remains

“Another quality three-piece punk rock outfit from Melbourne. Whilst they have been around for quite a while they are still releasing some killer new tunes. Hailed as a high-energy trio that bring their own twist on fast melodic skate punk and good times to audiences across Australia. A great live band and top blokes as well.”

9. Ok-36

“A five-piece alternative pop rock band from Brisbane. You can’t help but tap your foot and vibe to their songs. Although they have some laid-back tunes they are not to be mistaken as chill with their high-energy live performances. A great bunch of young fellas with a bright future.”

10. Chamber Lane

“These guys are your favourite indie/pop band from the Sunshine Coast and you need to follow them on social media to find out why. These guys know how to write a catchy song and are always keen for a laugh.”


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