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Madeline Rhodes Announces New LP and Shares “Bailing On Your Birthday” Single

Pop singer-songwriter Madeline Rhodes has shared her new music video for “Bailing On Your Birthday” from her new album ‘The Brothel.’



Madeline Rhodes, photo by Ana Lefaux

Today, NYC pop singer-songwriter Madeline Rhodes (formerly MuMu) announces her long-awaited debut LP, The Brothel.

Discussing the album and its context, Rhodes explains:

“This album is about mental illness as a family disease. I’ve spent so much of my life masking insecurity, laughing through anger, and painting over red flags. But there came a point when I wasn’t able to keep up the facade. This album holds family stories of betrayal, sickness, loss, and most of all, love. It’s brave to stand on your own two feet, but when your foundation is cracked, sometimes it’s better to fall.

“The intent of this album is to help people realize that the things they hate most about themselves, are the things that made them the extraordinary people they are today. I hope this album validates the need for self-care and amplifies the cry for help.”

The first single from The Brothel is titled “Bailing on Your Birthday,” recorded with the brilliant French producer Gaspard Murphy.

On the track’s origins, Rhodes recalls:

“It was my best friend’s birthday and I was having a terrible depressive episode. I called her after the party had already started and told her I wasn’t coming. She was pissed and I was like ‘It’s not always about you!!!’…on her birthday. Rude. But also kind of true? I wrote this song as an explanation for my absence at her party. I hope that when she hears it, she forgives me.”

She continues:

“There are so many songs out there about going to a party, getting wasted, and having a great time. This song is about NOT going to that party, taking care of your mental health, and having a better time. Parties should be optional, not mandatory. We all have different capacities for social events. So, next time you want to cancel on someone’s party, you can send them this song.”

Madeline Rhodes “Bailing On Your Birthday” single artwork


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