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Violet Silhouette Release New Post-Wave EP ‘FEVERBLUE’



Today post-wave band Violet Silhouette independently release their long-awaited sophomore EP FEVERBLUE. The EP explores the depths of the unconscious through what the band has called “neuroromanticism.”

Through the collection of six tracks, Violet Silhouette invites you to enter a depressive pressure cooker and see what comes out as they journey through dance-punk, industrial, and post-wave influences wrapped in a bow of poetic lyrics and inward reflection. It’s an ambitious release guaranteed to please those who want to cry, dance, love, reflect, and soak in the fleeting commodity of dopamine.

The band had this to say about the EP release:

“Feverblue was written in consolement of the restless; to those howling their poetry in the abyss. We hear you.”

Violet Silhouette ‘FEVERBLUE’ EP album artwork

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