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SENZA Drops Bass Music Banger with New Single “want u”

SENZA makes her debut on Gravitas Recordings September 15th with a hypnotic new single“want u” showcasing her take on melodic bass music.




SENZA made her debut on Gravitas Recordings on September 15th with a hypnotic new single, “want u,” showcasing her melodic approach to modern bass music.

This is the first track she has featured her own vocals, and is a mysterious journey and a spell cast on a past lover. A haunting single that we can’t get enough of, this is a perfect introduction to this up-and-coming artist’s talent. She has been playing huge festivals and is not shy of the spotlight; we can’t wait to see what’s next for SENZA.

SENZA commented on the single “want u,” stating:

“‘want u’ is the first track featuring my own vocals and I wanted to really portray a story of someone desperately clinging on to their past lover after they’ve turned their back on you. Instead of it being a sad love song, that desperation ends up being this creepy obsession and I wanted the drop to be this hypnotic spell that you cast to try and get them back. I always like to incorporate some sort of story line to my tracks and had a lot of fun with this one!”

‘want u’ opens with deep bass growls and hypnotic vocals from SENZA herself, creating a dark atmosphere that puts the listener in a spell. It drops into a slow rhythm of glitchy bass and haunting distant synth melodies, building more and more for an epic experience. A final drop brings the synth melodies to the forefront and brings more energy while quickly pulling back, leaving the listener wanting more or to restart the journey from the start. SENZA made this track as a “hypnotic spell cast on a past lover” and truly made something special here.

SENZA “want u” single artwork

SENZA “want u” single artwork

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