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Robert LaRoche – ‘Forevermore’ [Album Review]

The lyrics of Robert LaRoche’s ‘Forevermore’ fit the music, presenting intertwining fingers of sound and words about the intricacies of love’s variants.



Robert LaRoche ‘Forevermore’ album artwork

Talking about the theme of his new album, Forevermore, singer-songwriter Robert LaRoche explains, “Love, loss, redemption and most importantly hope are the basic essence of these songs.”

Lyrically, the album reveals a relatable vulnerability, an autobiographical expression of emotions and memories generated by means of life experiences that give the songs a simple authenticity.

Lending chops to Forevermore are Sighs’ drummers Tommy Pluta and Tom Borawski (Pluta switched to bass as the band’s sound began to gel), while legendary axe-slinger Zonder Kennedy delivers the ripping solo on “Burn That Kingdom.” LaRoche called on David Perales (violin) and Brian Standefer (cello), like-minded musicians from his adopted city of Austin, Texas.

Forevermore was recorded at the barn-converted-into-a-studio of John DeNicola, who played bass on the tracks and later layered on B3 organ, electric guitar, marimba, pump organ, and glockenspiel.


Made up of 10 tracks, entry points on Forevermore include opener “Steal Your Heart,” a shimmering, Americana number summoning up suggestions of country-infused Tom Petty, highlighted by plush harmonies on the outro.

A personal favorite, “Burn That Kingdom Down,” travels on a mid-tempo, swaying rhythm, low-slung and smooth and resonant with rich, creamy surfaces. Kennedy’s amazing, lysergic guitar solo elevates the tune to a Pink Floyd-like essence, flavored with impulsivity and recklessness.

Informed by graceful, evocative strings, the title track creates a tender, quixotic milieu as LaRoche’s velvety tenor articulates a feeling residing somewhere between wistfulness and melancholy. This is one of those songs that touches the heart.

Robert LaRoche, photo by Mark Del Castllo

Robert LaRoche, photo by Mark Del Castllo

There’s a gentle swing to “Safer Inside,” a back and forth, up and down motion, that lures listeners in by means of supple instrumental layering. In contrast, the lower-toned and darker “Hard Rain” blends hints of prog-rock, alt-rock, and Americana into a drifting melody capped by LaRoche’s sensitive vocals.

The lyrics of Forevermore fit the music, presenting intertwining fingers of sound and words about the intricacies of love’s variants.

Forevermore Track Listing:


1. Steal Your Heart
2. Burn That Kingdom Down
3. Home Again
4. Forevermore
5. Safer Inside
6. She Knows
7. Temporary Virtue
8. Hard Rain
9. Traitorous Heart
10. End of Time

Run Time: 28:02
Release Date: September 19, 2023
Record Label: Omad Records