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Neolia Premiere Their Up Close and Personal “Carried Away” Playthrough Video

Neolia, featuring lead singer Ben Reiss, premiere their intimate, at-home music video for the playthrough version of “Carried Away.”



Neolia, photo by Avi Veldman

For a modern album or even a grander musical project, Neolia has concocted something special with their new self-titled record. Today, the band unveils the playthrough video for “Carried Away,” featuring lead singer Ben Reiss.

The video is an intimate look into Reiss’ own personal space as he performs the vocals over top of the track in his home. On his knees on a cushion on the floor, Reiss gives a really intense, emotional performance overflowing with passion. It’s an interesting look into the process, the environment in which Reiss derives his passion and intensity.

Commenting on “Carried Away,” the band states:

“We expose the intricate lairs of the vocals that that have made our most played track so far, ‘Carried Away’ in this intimate and up close voice expo. This track includes very gentle voice and guitar sections as well as sharp and edgy screams sung by Ben. The chorus part has a trick to it when both guitars enter on the off-beat that contrasts the vocals and the rest which creates a unique openness. The video and audio were taken independently by the band members and were shot at guitarist Guy Greenberg’s living room.”

Neolia has really gone all out with the recording of this album. They have spent many years listening to and reflecting on different genres of music. From Rock to Pop and World music, it’s a fusion of different influences picked up along the way. The record is primarily a rock and metal affair, with African, Latin, Jazz, and ambient components factored in. There are high moments, low moments, and tender, extreme, and crazy moments throughout.


Altogether, it’s a concept album with lyrics based around a story that describes part of a life journey. Its focal point is the hardships and mental struggles suffered by the main character along the way. Interestingly enough, Neolia’s music is designed to serve the emotion at play within the music rather than emphasizing the musicians’ techniques. Although the technique is still challenging and at a high level, the album is meant to speak to the listener. The members of Neolia feel very strongly about it as a piece of work. It’s the album they were always meant to write and record. The band also hopes that you, the listener, will find relatable aspects through the depth of the sound and wisdom of the lyrics.

Neolia Track Listing:

1. The Shed
2. The Shed outro
3. Your prophecy
4. Dance of violence
5. Carried away
6. Carried away outro
7. Karma
8. Karma outro
9. Day in day out
10. Anchors
11. Rise and fall
12. Blow the leaves
13. A better version of you
14. Refahim

Neolia ‘Neolia’ album artwork

Neolia ‘Neolia’ album artwork

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