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Lake Malice’s Alice Guala Talks Award Nominations, Sci-Fi Inspirations and the Origin of their Name

Fresh off tour with Bloodywood, V13’s Damian caught up with Lake Malice to find out more about one of the rising acts in UK metal…



Lake Malice, photo by pearlxcook

One of the rising names on the UK metal scene is Brighton alt-metal duo Lake Malice, who, even at this stage in their career, are already being talked about in the same breath as bands like Spiritbox.

From their striking videos to their unforgettable live show, which we witnessed firsthand when they opened for Bloodywood earlier in the year, the duo of Alice Guala and Blake Cornwall recently confirmed details of their upcoming EP, Post Genesis.

A couple of months ago, V13 caught up with Alice to find out about their name, award nominations and their Sci-Fi inspirations.

Now you’ve actually just come off a tour with Bloodywood quite recently. I was actually at the London show and it was spot on. It was really, really good, and that’s where I actually discovered you. How was that tour with Bloodywood? Was it almost like the big one for you?

Alice Guala: “Yeah, it was the first time we were on the road for a month, I would say that was just unreal, a very surreal experience. Very satisfying, challenging as well at moments, but it just forms you and it gives you that confidence. When you’re off on those shows and you start playing every evening for that long you’re just going by muscle memory I guess so it’s awesome, just amazing.”

Now, one of the big things that’s happened recently for you as quite an upcoming band that’s having a meteoric rise almost, you were nominated for a Heavy Music Award. I want to know what your experience was and how you felt like about this?

“When we got the email about that we definitely cried, I’m not gonna lie. It was just like we did not expect any of this. So everything that happens around us is always like a kind of surprise, I guess and it was just unbelievable to me. It’s already a win to be considered among those artists and those people have been around longer than us so I didn’t really mind like you know, the win itself. Just being nominated gave me great marks in general and lots of confidence and that’s awesome.”

Lake Malice with V13's Damian Fitzgerald by Cara Kelly

Lake Malice with V13’s Damian Fitzgerald by Cara Kelly

Now, the name Lake Malice, where did this actually come from? I know most bands have already answered that question loads but you’re quite a new band that’s come out and it’s my chance to actually ask, having not found out elsewhere yet.

“So it comes from our names, so Blake is Lake. Alice, and it’s pronounced Alija (caveat, this is not a great representation of the pronunciation), that’s Malice. So that’s it. That was literally it.”

I mean I was expecting something much more creative, but I do like it.

“How do you not consider that to be genius?”

Lake Malice ‘Post-Genesis’ [EP] album artwork

Lake Malice ‘Post-Genesis’ [EP] album artwork

Alright, I’ll take it back before I get in trouble. Now what’s next for you guys? I believe you’ve got an album out at the moment, no sorry, it’s the singles you’ve got out.

“Yeah, we haven’t got to that step yet. I don’t know how long it’ll take but we’ve got like six songs out so we’re working on the next one’s, working on an EP that is going to drop soon. As far as content and when… I have no idea, we’re so badly organised, but that’s happening this year definitely. The album sounds like a big milestone for us. So who knows, next year, maybe.”

We can hope. So obviously, there’s more EPs potentially on the horizon, hopefully next year for an album. What about more touring? It sounds like you’re gonna be mainly getting out there to meet the fans and meet the bands and make more of a name for yourself?

“Yeah, there’s definitely stuff that’s coming up this Autumn so we’re very excited about that. We do hope to get back on the road as soon as possible. We absolutely love it, we can’t wait, we live for it.”

So what was it like for you personally when you were asked to play Download?

“Oh, yeah, that’s another moment like that. We’re just not in a place where we thought a band our size that hasn’t been around that long could get a dream coming true. So we had exactly the same reaction as we had for the Heavy Music Awards. It’s still an absolute shock, but very happy.”

Now the next thing I want to ask you because the outfit is incredible, who is your designer?

“I don’t have a designer it’s etsy,, a great designer that’s where I get my stuff usually. I think the brand is called DevilWalking or something, I think like Eastern European. They do these bodysuits they’re very kind of Sci-Fi. I just love the vibe.”

Lake Malice with V13's Damian Fitzgerald by Cara Kelly

Lake Malice with V13’s Damian Fitzgerald by Cara Kelly

So, what is the inspiration? Is it the Sci-Fi vibe that you dig, basically?

“Yeah, absolutely, just the whole aesthetic, movies as well in that genre. I like to think that what we do in terms of music is quite, I would say futuristic, it tends to be quite inspired by the presence. It’s kind of in line with that futuristic vibe.”

I’m hoping see much more of you coming up soon because it was an excellent introduction in London supporting Bloodywood. I always try to make a point of seeing support acts and actually got in in time to see you start. I heard good things, I gave it a shot, and I’m glad I did. Thank you so much for chatting to us today, I’m looking forward to what’s coming next, and I’ll keep my ears to the ground and hopefully we’ll have a chat again soon when you’ve got an album out and more is going on, because that’ll be amazing.

“Definitely. Yeah, I can’t wait. Hope to see you again. Thank you for having me.”

Tour Dates:

10/06 – Northampton, UK – Roadmender (w/ Skindred)
10/07 – Leeds, UK – O₂ Academy (w/ Skindred)
10/13 – Cambridge, UK – Junction (w/ Skindred)
10/14 – Norwich, UK – Epic (w/ Skindred)
10/30 – Copenhagen, DK – Vega (w/ Enter Shikari)
10/31 – Malmo, SE – Plan B (w/ Enter Shikari)
11/02 – Warsaw, PL – Progresja (w/ Enter Shikari)
11/03 – Prague, CZ – Sasazu (w/ Enter Shikari)
11/04 – MILAN, IT – ALCATRAZ (w/ Enter Shikari)
11/05 – Roncade (TV), IT – New Age (w/ Enter Shikari)
11/07 – Vienna, AT – Simm City (w/ Enter Shikari)
11/09 – Bucharest, RO – Arenele Romanele (w/ Enter Shikari)
11/10 – Budapest, HU – Barba Negra (w/ Enter Shikari)
11/11 – Bratislava, SK – Majestic Music Club (w/ Enter Shikari)
11/13 – Belgrade, RS – Dom Omladine (w/ Enter Shikari)
11/14 – Zagreb, HR – Tvornica Culture (w/ Enter Shikari)
11/16 – Sofia, BG – Mixtape 5 (w/ Enter Shikari)
11/18 – Athens, GR – Gagarin 205 (w/ Enter Shikari)
11/19 – Thessaloniki, GR – Principal Club Theater (w/ Enter Shikari)
11/22 – Solothurn, CH – Kofmehl Raumbar (headline)
11/23 – Munich, DE – Strom (headline)
11/24 – Cologne, DE – Blue Shell (headline)
11/25 – Hannover, DE – Chez Heinz (headline)
12/06 – London, UK – The Black Heart (headline)

For more information on Lake Malice, head over to their Bandcamp Page.