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Jesse Judies Premieres His Deepy Personal ‘Colors of Youth’ EP

Jesse Judies is out to make a defining statement of his artistry with the premiere of his impressive debut EP ‘Colors of Youth.’



Nick Bray of Jesse Judies

There isn’t much that connects San Francisco and Sydney, Australia, but they have combined to make Jesse Judies the person and musician he is. Today he takes the wrapping off of his new EP Colors of Youth for you.

It may only be three songs, but Judies is using the EP as an initial statement of who he is. Each song is very personal, a statement of his place in the world and how he got here. They are autobiographical in nature, telling the story of his family and youth. He began as a child living a familiar life in San Francisco. Then he finds himself on the other side of the world, trying to fit into a whole new culture.

Telling us more about the EP, Judies states:

“‘Colors of Youth’ is the first song I wrote after meeting the woman who became my wife. Though I tried to encapsulate my feelings in a coherent manner, only a flurry of words would do and ‘Three big steps and I’ll walk on the moon, planting the flag, ‘Colors of Youth’ are my favourites because they speak to the adventure and discovery of love.

“In the spirit of poetic, life changing events, the two additional songs to the EP are in the vein of life change; ‘Oumuamua,’ which is about an event so big that you’re forever changed and convinced you must follow your new destiny/deity. And ‘Just In Case,’ which is about a previous partner and I trying to prepare for disasters, only to realize I have to face those events alone.”


The three songs found on the EP will also be a part of Judies upcoming debut full-length record Coup De Foudre. The songs on the album will carry his story forward as he reveals more of himself as an artist and a person to his audience.

Judies is more commonly known by his friends as Nick Bray, a burgeoning singer and songwriter. You may find him playing a show or a festival around town, or you may find him working as a bicycle delivery person, just earning a paycheque. Such a life gives him a unique perspective that inspires the musical side of him. It’s those aspects of his personality and the relatable aspects of indie rock that are really helping Judies catch on. This is a nice addition to the indie rock scene from a young artist who has worked his hardest to arrive at this point.

Colors of Youth Track Listing:

1. Colors of Youth
2. Oumuamua
3. Just In Case


Upcoming Tour Dates:

09/19 – Sour Milk – Fresno, CA
09/23 – Real Neato Music Festival 2023 – Guerneville, CA
09/27 – Silverlake Lounge – Los Angeles, CA
09/30 – House Show – Culver City, CA

Jesse Judies ‘Colors of Youth’ EP album artwork

Jesse Judies ‘Colors of Youth’ EP album artwork

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