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ETHNO Drops Debut EP ‘Musicology Vol.1’

ETHNO releases his debut EP ‘Musicology Vol. 1’ on Gravitas Recordings on September 1st, starting his career on the right foot!



ETHNO in 2023

ETHNO released his debut EP Musicology Vol. 1 on Gravitas Recordings on September 1st. This EP is the beginning of the artistic gates opening for ETHNO, sitting on hours of original music and ready to show the world this first chapter. Jeffrey Franca (ETHNO) is the drummer and musical director for Thievery Corporation and has a full lifetime of touring and influences under his belt. His unique approach to global bass music incorporates all of these influences from around the world into a special blend of sounds. We are excited about what is next for this legend and his project, ETHNO.

ETHNO on his debut EP:

“This is an amazing introduction to the experiences and influences realized by a life in music. The EP is a unique approach to global bass dance music, crossing genres and borders alike. This sound and approach stand out sonically and rhythmically amongst the masses of bass producers and DJs, a truly unique experience”

The Journey” opens the EP with panning female vocal chants, flutes and synths filling the air and painting a beautiful soundscape. It drops into flowing bass and beautiful stabby synths, epically building into a larger drop incorporating a new lead and a flowing beat.

My Personality (ft. Born-I)” switches it up and brings a higher energy groove and brings in iconic rapper Born-I. Focusing more on the beat and rap than the synths and other ideas while still incorporating the sound and style that ETHNO has created for this release. A perfect end to the release that leaves us wanting more. Check out ETHNO on your favourite streaming platform.

ETHNO ‘Musicology Vol.1’ EP album artwork

ETHNO ‘Musicology Vol.1’ EP album artwork

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