Electronic metal outfit Set the Sun recently released their single “The Truth” featuring Clint Lowery. The single precedes the upcoming Debut LP At War. The Truth also features Matt Mcjunkins (Puscifer, A Perfect Circle) on bass guitar.

“The truth was about trying over and over to make a broken relationship work. Denying to each other and yourself that it’s not working – cause you don’t wanna admit and give in.”

The enigmatic duo’s debut EP, In Absentia, was released in 2022, featuring singles “Invisible” and “New Condition”, the band’s first foray into modern alt-rock modalities is made possible through their frequent collaboration with a growing group of highly lauded fellow artists, who they refer to as “The Collective”. This group includes names like Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter) & Michael Lessard (The Contortionist), who, respectively, contributed vocals on the previously mentioned tracks. As well as the single, “The Way Back”, which features guest performances from TELLE (The Word Alive) & DJ Lethal (Limp Bizkit).

With soaring hooks and thundering dynamics, Set The Sun streamlines textures of progressive rock, metalcore, nu-metal and industrial into cinematic songs and layered soundscapes. Driven by two musicians known only as Arc and Eris, who write, record and produce the material, the songs include collaborations from Set the Sun’s “Collective.” The music delves into themes of isolation, division, and unspoken conflict, chasing the band’s mantra: “To illuminate, to awaken, to hail change and persevere.” A soundtrack of darkness with shafts of light and colour, the music embraces chaos and resolve, inviting listeners to overcome the impossible: To Set The Sun.

To “set the sun” would be impossible; setting the sun is about taking on the impossible, getting through it – and ultimately about hope amidst darkness. Our mission is to provide a soundtrack for fighting through challenges that feel impossible – to be an authentic voice for unspoken conflict. Casting a light on it, on unseen challenges, both internal & external struggles.

Set the Sun “The Truth” (ft. Clint Lowery) single artwork
Set the Sun “The Truth” (ft. Clint Lowery) single artwork

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