Following the earlier releases of new singles “1986” and “You Are Everywhere” (ft. Turbo Goth), today, Kid Francescoli (the electro-pop project of French musician Mathieu Hocine) finally unveils details on his forthcoming LP, Sunset Blue (due September 22), and shares a third track off the record, “Run, Run.”

Conceived during his first world tour and completed everywhere on a recent sold-out world tour of 200 dates (throughout the USA, Europe, Asia, and more), “Run, Run” is the quintessence of the unique style of the leader of the French Riviera touch: pop, synthetic and ultra melodic. It’s the most obvious gateway to his universe tinged with love, sunsets, the Mediterranean, hope and the desire to live his best life. With its catchy vocal gimmick, unison female chorus, bewitching chord sequence, heady chorus, and galloping rhythm, “Run, Run” is an unexpected pop euphoria shot.

As Hocine wrote of the track:

“‘Run, Run’ is a song about pushing yourself, not getting discouraged, continuing to fight and keeping hope. It’s also a song about getting through certain crucial stages of life, like when you reach the age your parents were when they had you, and getting past them, past the figures, the pillars of life they represent. It’s a positive song, written in major (one of my few in this case), and very rhythmic that moves forward running at a very high tempo, which I composed with live performance in mind as well.”

With his new musical gem, Sunset Blue, Kid Francescoli unveils 11 elegant tunes of his finest craft: sunbathed French Touch (“Run Run,” “1986”), romantic chillwave (“Corsica”), uplifting synthpop (“You Are Everywhere,” “Like Magic”), electronic-soul (“Casino Soul”), cinematic disco (“Solaris”), cosmic R&B (“Sweet and Sour,” “Take Time”)…Everything is in this record.

Listen to the full Sunset Blue LP on September 22, and in the meantime, check out the website dedicated to the forthcoming release.

Sunset Blue Track Listing:

1. Run Run
2. You Are Everywhere
3. Casino Soul
4. Sweet And Sour
5. 1986
6. Drift In Blue
7. Take Time
8. Solaris
9. Like Magic
10. The Morning After
11. Corsica

Kid Francescoli “Run, Run” single artwork
Kid Francescoli “Run, Run” single artwork

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