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Fugue State Delivers Debut Garage Punk EP ‘Subtlety’s Dead’



Fugue State, photo by Shane Bruno

Fugue State is the newest project from Shane Bruno, whom listeners may know from Bridge of Flowers, and the EP Subtlety’s Dead has just been released via Strange Mono Records.

Passing through the experience of isolation of 2020-2022, Shane Bruno has put together Fugue State. While Bruno’s experience with Bridge of Flowers and et all lies in the vein of experimental music, his activity as Fugue State became the way out for the long-term fan of both garage and experimental music. Taking everything we love about bands like Pere Ubu, The Cramps, Butthole Surfers, and early Sympathy For The Record Industry releases.

“Free association meets garage punk sleaze. A rumination on the noisy, the unclear, and the uncertain,” describes Dan Timlin, founder of Strange Mono Records.

Fugue State creates a fresh sound rooted in the fundamentals of Rock. Crunchy, in-your-face and relentlessly catchy, Subtlety’s Dead is not afraid to get weird. Tracks like ‘Mundane Man’ and ‘Ship On The Ocean’ are sure to stick to your ribs with their ecstatic Sax freak outs (performed by Wednesday Knudsen of Pigeons and Weeping Bong Band). While “Abscess” and “The Pipeline” take on moodier, more freeform grooves. This debut marks Fugue State as an up-and-coming artist to watch.

Subtlety’s Dead is out now via Strange Mono Records. This album’s sales proceeds are being donated to the National Network of Abortion Funds to help their mission to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access.

Subtlety’s Dead Track Listing:

1. Facts
2. Abscess
3. Mundane Man
4. The Pipeline
5. Connecticut Girls
6. Ship On The Ocean

Fugue State ‘Subtlety’s Dead’ EP album artwork

Fugue State ‘Subtlety’s Dead’ EP album artwork

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