Elise Del Mar, a rising star in the electro-pop genre with recent performance credits such as Lollapalooza, has just announced the release of her upcoming self-produced single “Over For Good.” This female-produced release is the first from Elise Del Mar’s upcoming EP Stages.

Stages is a five-song EP that follows the five stages of grief in the grief cycle, from losing a loved one to breakups to grieving a past self. “Over For Good” represents the denial stage of the grief cycle, where the protagonist does not want their relationship to be permanently over and denies that it inevitably is. Del Mar’s lyrics are both intricate and relatable, and the opening line of the song perfectly portrays the denial the protagonist is experiencing: “I still have your t-shirt in your drawer, guess you didn’t want it bad.”

The line encapsulates the singer’s inability to accept that the drawer that was once her ex-lover’s is now just a drawer in her house. The line that follows, “or maybe there’s a chance that we’ll still work, and it’s your excuse to come right back,” highlights the depths of their denial, as the protagonist believes that their ex-partner deliberately left their things as a way to leave the door open for a potential reconciliation.

The mesmerizing song boasts cinematic drums with powerful toms and energetic rides and crashes, creating a dynamic, emotional sound that perfectly complements the song’s sense of urgency. The toms provide a deep, resonant foundation, while the rides and crashes add an unstoppable momentum that propels the song forward. The spacious, immersive synths engulf listeners in a melancholic atmosphere, eliciting a sense of longing and loss, and the rhythmic acoustic guitars and captivating vocals add to the song’s emotive, soul-stirring characteristics. As the first track from Elise Del Mar’s upcoming five-song EP, Stages, “Over For Good” sets the tone for the rest of the project, showcasing Del Mar’s lyrical prowess and her ability to craft deeply affecting, sonically rich songs that resonate with listeners.

Del Mar has been praised for her unique sound, seamlessly blending emotive lyrics with catchy electro-pop beats, making her a force to be reckoned with. Now, with the highly anticipated release of  “Over For Good,” Del Mar is set to take the music industry by storm once again, leaving fans eagerly waiting to hear her latest creation.

For more information, visit Elise Del Mar’s website at www.EliseDelMar.com.

Cover art for “Over For Good” by Elise Del Mar