Beatcore Premieres His Towering Single “World Away” (feat. Ashley Apollodor)

Lifted from FiXT Music’s ‘FiXT Noir: Signals’ EDM compilation, Beatcore and Ashley Apollodor unveil their towering new single, “World Away.”



Some artists thrive independently, but often two heads are better than one, as is the case with the brilliant Beatcore and Ashley Apollodor duo. Today, this music-making collaboration is proud to unveil their new single, “World Away,” featuring Beatcore’s heavy, dynamic, melodic beats and breakdowns with Apollodor’s seamless, soaring vocals.

The song is intense and hard driving, but it’s balanced perfectly by Apollodor’s delicate touch. The two are frequent collaborators, which is no big surprise considering they are also husband and wife. They have gained a lot of positive attention within the electronic music scene thanks to their masterful balance of melody and bass, plus their ability to harness both the harder and softer sides of the genre.

Discussing his work on “World Away,” Beatcore remarks:

“It’s always been my passion to find ways to blend chords and melodies and heavy hitting basses. World Away is definitely one of the heaviest tunes I’ve produced, and to be able to mix it with beautiful melodic parts as well as Ashley Apollodor’s touching vocals without losing its heaviness left me very satisfied with the outcome. The reaction I get when playing it out at shows is priceless and I’m extremely excited to share this one with the world.”

Beatcore, real name Xaver Beat Scheickl, and Apollodor have been frequent collaborators over the years. While Apollodor comes from more of a singer-songwriter background, Beatcore came up in Austria as a bass music DJ and producer before relocating to Florida.

Through their collaborative efforts, they have gained a lot of attention, particularly for their impressive work in balancing their musical influences and backgrounds and joining them together into one cohesive sound. After attending music school in Vienna and graduating with a degree in Ensemble, Audio Engineering, and Piano, Beatcore released the first songs that actually gained him some exposure, which got the attention of labels and promoters. By 2019, he was playing shows internationally and has become highly regarded since moving to the U.S.

“World Away” will be included on FiXT Music’s FiXT Noir: Signals, the label’s second proper EDM compilation, which will be released on July 11th. It will feature 30 tracks from over 45 artists, including Celldweller, Prolix, Essenger, HIGHSOCIETY, Blosso, The Forgotten, and more. As FiXT’s second massive foray into electronic music, it will offer some much-needed exposure to some brilliant artists who will soon become household names to lovers of the genre.

Various Artists ‘FiXT Noir: Signals’ album artwork

FiXT Noir: Signals Track Listing:

1. James Dece – On One
2. Beatcore – World Away (feat. Ashley Apollodor)
3. Celldweller – Electric Eye (Prolix Remix)
4. HIGHSOCIETY & Micah Martin – Going Under
5. Mblue – Haunting Me
6. Gancher Ruin – ARRIVAL
7. The Anix – Below (Extra Terra Remix)
8. Silent Villain – Shameless Love
9. Voicians – Light It Up
10. DEADLIFE – Obsolete (feat. Scandroid) [3FORCE Remix]
11. Blosso – Sad Robot
12. Toronto Is Broken Natty Lou – Altered States
13. Everen Maxwell – Fearless (feat. Julie Seechuk)
14. Essenger – Divine Virus (ANGEL CANNON Remix)
15. Prolix – Anything You Say (feat. Voicians)
16. Matthew Parker – Last Life
17. ANO1HER UN1VERSE – Run Away
18. Cyazon – Artificial Tears (feat. Becko)
19. Kaixo – Renihilation (feat. King Protea)
20. TIMIAN Punker – Magna
22. Kodeseven – Instinct
23. The Plague – Danger (Kaixo Remix)
24. Toronto Is Broken- The Freefall (feat. BVLVNCE) [Mechanical Vein Remix]
25. Fight The Fade – Monster (Foryners Remix) [Formerly “YS Remix”]
26. The Forgotten X BooVox – Axs
27. FregGen – Future 1991 (FregGen VIP)
28. Nouveau Arcade – Choose Your Fighter
29. FLERO – Dune
30. Young Medicine – Winter Soldier (HIGHSOCIETY Remix)


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