After Hour Animals just released their latest single and video for “What I Wanted” – a song about loss, grief and ultimately, a self-reflection of yourself and actions. It follows almost all stages of grief throughout the song into the final breakdown is the acceptance of one’s actions and how one must move on.

Nik Voyn comments:

“We all feel vulnerable & lost sometimes. After Hour Animals is just aiming to embrace it.”

After Hour Animals is an alternative/post-hardcore band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Formed in 2020 by Nik Voyn (vocals) & Armon Hassan (vocals); they strive to define their own sound with inspiration from artists such as Bad Omens, Dayseeker and Bring Me The Horizon. Their latest single “Dangerous,” is a testament to their drive to perfect their sound after a quarter million streams in 6 months.

Nik Voyn sheds more light on the single and its meaning:

“When we first began as a band we really got to know each other going out and staying up late. ‘After Hour’ refers to the late nights and the ‘Animals’’ part is because we all live on the wild side.”

After Hour Animals “What I Wanted” single artwork
After Hour Animals “What I Wanted” single artwork

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