In their own right, Woofax and Willdabeast are extraordinary artists, so it’s not much of a surprise that when you combine them together, marvellous things are going to happen.

We have the evidence today with the premiere of the duo’s new collaborative single, “Spinnin’ Up,” from their new EP Watching The World Go By, which will be formally released on May 12th via Gravitas Recordings.

As you’ll hear on this single, the basis of this EP is the grooves, mixed with the bass-heavy melodies that combine together so seamlessly.

Contextualizing the EP for us, Willdabeast says:

Watching The World Go By, to me, is a play on words, because so often, I feel that what we’re subject to do, follow, repeat. But is that always a necessity? There are certainly laws, rules and protocols everyone should adhere to, sure. However, I have found, it is important to often challenge and question our own path including the principles set in place by ourselves and others.

“So this album is an auditory offering of what happens if we change that narrative. Are we merely players in the machine? Cogs if the system? Are we too, able to apply our voices into the sea of crashing ambition? Or perhaps, in a parallel night we find ourselves, gettin’ busy watching the world go by, really, it’s our choice what we find time to do.”

Woofax mentions:

“‘Spinnin Up’ started as more of a hip hop inspired idea but when Willdabeast put horns over some of the parts, I think we realized how it felt more funky. We tore away a lot of the synths that conflicted with the horns and added the vocal chops to complement the horn parts better. It underwent a tempo speed up at that point as well.”

Watching The World Go By is a fusion of live music and advanced electronic engineering. It’s always obvious when great artists are able to collaborate well together, and that’s exactly what has taken place on this release. Willdabeast is a veteran of the scene, having worked with Griz, Defunk, Late Night Radio, Wax Future, Kaptain, and many others over the last several years. Woofax is a creative force like no other, the sparkplug behind electronic acts like Terravita and Hot Pink DeLorean. He too is responsible for contributing to many hit electronic tracks released over the years.

Woofax & Willdabeast ‘Watching The World Go By’ album artwork
Woofax & Willdabeast ‘Watching The World Go By’ album artwork

Discussing how his partnership with Woofax (aka Matt Simmers) began and developed, and how the EP came together, Willdabeast adds:

“I met Matt initially as an online interaction like so many during COVID just as an admirer of his work over the years. Internet friends. He’s a monster of production and constantly cranking out incredible originals and so I reached out. He thought the world of us too apparently as well, and so we instantly formed a connection and soon after started working together sending ideas back and forth until some things clicked. Once we found some common ground these tracks honestly just fell into place. It wasn’t more than a few attempts and back and fourths until we were both happy with the parts, it was just fine tuning from there.

“It was one of our goals to try and link up with a like-minded label to help us finish off the creative process, that would also have a good sense of our sound and general vibe of the whole album. Our good intentions wouldn’t end here. When we signed this on with Gravitas Recordings it was a match made in heaven. It’s like all of our worlds combined into one harmonious creation. We couldn’t be more excited to release these incredibly diverse, funky gems out into the world. We are so proud of them.”

Both hugely compelling on their own, sometimes, two heads are just better than one, and there are no doubts about that with this stellar collaboration.