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The Bloody Hell Premiere Their DIY Music Video for “Hide Away”

Halifax’s thunderously awesome occult rockers, The Bloody Hell, debut the clip for “Hide Away,” the latest single off their sophomore album ‘Nobody Cares,’ released this past November.



The Bloody Hell in 2022, photo by Ian Kean

What in The Bloody Hell do we have here? The latest music video from Halifax’s own thunderously awesome occult rockers, of course. Today, we are helping to debut the clip for “Hide Away,” the latest single from the band’s sophomore album Nobody Cares, released this past November.

The record’s third proper single, “Hide Away,” has been well-known to the more devoted The Bloody Hell fans for some time now. The song has been a live staple over the last two years since the band started playing live again after some of the lockdown restrictions were relaxed. It’s a natural live favourite with impressive but traditional guitar riffs, masterful solo, and classic rock energy.

As for the video itself, it was shot back in the winter, entirely by the band themselves, and edited together by singer and guitarist Ian Kean. It stays true to the band’s DIY attitude they have been fostering since day one.

Discussing the band’s approach to the clip for “Hide Away,” Kean states:

“With our last two videos, ‘Nobody Cares About America Anymore,’ and ‘When You’re Gone,’ we worked and collaborated with a digital artist and a stop motion artist to bring the songs, stories and videos to life, but with ‘Hide Away’ we decided to go full DIY and attempt to capture the energy and image of the band and song, in a more stripped down and raw visual approach.”

It’s been an eventful few months for The Bloody Hell, which has been a welcome development for fans of the band after a four-year gap between the release of Nobody Cares and their 2018 self-titled debut album. They kept busy during the pandemic lockdowns, sharing singles that were eventually included on the record, but it was also a frustrating time for how it delayed the development and evolution of the band. As a result of the pandemic-related restrictions, the album ended up taking roughly three years to complete.

While others may have become frustrated and impatient, the band members stuck with the process and ended up producing a very solid release. It features a more evolved sound and relatable songs, with Kean touching on anything from romantic relationships, to stories of substance abuse, and observations about global developments. If you enjoy a more rough-and-tumble approach to hard rock, a la The Misfits or Nirvana, you’re in for a treat with The Bloody Hell.

Nobody Cares Track Listing:

1. As Above
2. Hide Away
3. When You’re Gone
4. Barbra
5. G
6. Nobody Cares About America Anymore
7. Rulers of the Night
8. Dead to Me
9. So Below

The Bloody Hell ‘Nobody Cares’ album artwork

The Bloody Hell ‘Nobody Cares’ album artwork