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The BellRays Releasing “Ball Of Confusion” 7″ Single Ahead of Tour with Social Distortion

The BellRays are set to release their “Ball Of Confusion” 7″ single via I-94 Recordings ahead of their tour with Social Distortion.



The BellRays, by Gilles Simon

The BellRays from Riverside, California, have always been anchored by the team of Bob Vennum and Lisa Kekaula. They continually surround themselves with top-notch cohorts to bring their vision of punk, funk, rock and soul to the world. Teaming up with Mark Cisneros (bass) and Ron Miller (drums), The BellRays made the perfect match between furiousness of punk-rock and deep vibes of jazz/R&B.

Since forming in 1990, The BellRays has been constantly working with touring, live internet shows, writing and recording. Building up their faithful base of true believing music fans. In what is the 8th in the Detroit covers series from I-94 Recordings, The BellRays update The Temptations 1970’s socially conscious classic “Ball of Confusion.”

Explains Lisa Kekaula:

“We were amazed at how timely and current this song still was. So much of the original lyric content was unfortunately still relevant in America like racial tensions and political ineptitude.”

The BellRays “Ball Of Confusion” single artwork

The BellRays “Ball Of Confusion” single artwork

She continues:

“We wanted to bring it into a little more modern focus with the mention of the housing crisis, opioids, gas prices and active shooters. It is our way of building a bridge back to the original intent of the song.”

The flip side has The BellRays’ original (“I Fall Down”) – a mid-tempo burner that will wiggle its way into your eardrum and take up residence for a bit as you will be humming it long after it has stopped playing. The cover of the single was designed by Ben Brown. Pre-order the single coming out this June 3 via I-94 Recordings right here.

North America Tour Dates (w/ Social Distortion):

6/3/2023 – Riverside, CA – Concert Lounge*
6/28/2023 – Oakland, CA – Thee Stork Club*
6/30/2023 – Canby, OR – Clackamas County Fairgrounds
7/1/2023 – Seattle, WA – The Showbox
7/2/2023 – Seattle, WA – The Showbox
7/3/2023 – Seattle, WA – The Showbox
7/5/2023 – Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom
7/6/2023 – Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom
7/8/2023 – Edmonton, AB – Midway Music Hall
7/9/2023 – Edmonton, AB – Midway Music Hall
7/10/2023 – Calgary, AB – MacEwan Hall
7/12/2023 – Winnipeg, MB – The Burton Cummings Theatre
7/13/2023 – Minneapolis, MN – Palmer’s Bar*
7/14/2023 – Green Bay, WI – Badger State Brewing Company*
7/15/2023 – Chicago, IL – Livewire Lounge*
7/16/2023 – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Tavern*
7/18/2023 – Buffalo, NY – The Town Ballroom
7/19/2023 – Buffalo, NY – The Town Ballroom
7/20/2023 – Detroit, MI – Lager House*
7/21/2023 – Guelph, ON – Guelph Concert Theatre
7/22/2023 – Toronto, ON – History
7/23/2023 – Montreal, QC – Mtellus
7/25/2023 – Hampton Beach, NH – Hampton Beach Casino
7/26/2023 – New Haven, CT – College Street Music Hall
7/27/2023 – Brooklyn, NY – Kingsland*
7/28/2023 – Huntington, NY – The Paramount
7/29/2023 – Stroudsburg, PA – Sherman Theater
7/30/2023 – Sayerville, NJ – Starland Ballroom (Philadelphia media)
8/1/2023 – Norfolk, VA – Norva Theater
8/2/2023 – Charlotte, NC – Fillmore Charlotte
8/3/2023 – Raleigh, NC – The Ritz
8/4/2023 – Asheville, NC – AVL Festival*
8/5/2023 – Memphis, TN – Mingelwood Hall
8/6/2023 – Tulsa, OK – Cain’s Ballroom
8/8/2023 – Albequerque, NM – Revel Entertainment Center
8/9/2023 – Tucson, AZ – Rialto Theater

All dates with Social Distortion except *

The BellRays 2023 tour poster

The BellRays 2023 tour poster

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Malevolence Dish Out a Metallic Hardcore Beatdown at Liverpool’s O2 Academy [Photos]

Sheffield metallic hardcore crew Malevolence dish out a beautiful beatdown in Liverpool. Check out the photos here…



Malevolence @ O2 Academy Liverpool by Maryleen Guevera
Malevolence, photo © Maryleen Guevera

Sheffield metallic hardcore maulers Malevolence are certainly making the most of their meteoric rise with the band out on the road undertaking their second headline tour in just over four months. Unsurprisingly, the latest run of shows is playing to packed out venues with the band living up to their reputation as a fearsome live act.

The high-profile tours and festival appearances across the UK and Europe last year, are a far cry from the days of touring around the dives of the UK. Helped by two critically-acclaimed albums, the second album, 2017’s Self Supremacy and the follow-up, 2022’s Malicious Intent (read our review of that album here), Malevolence is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting bands on the UK circuit.

On the latest run of shows, which precede a special guest appearance at Bloodstock Festival this August, the tour rolled into Liverpool and our photographer, Maryleen Guevara, braved the pit to bring back this photo gallery. Before you check out the gallery though, here’s the setlist….

Set List:

1. Malicious Intent
2. Life Sentence
3. Slave to Satisfaction
4. Waste of Myself
5. Karma
6. Severed Ties
7. Higher Place
8. Self Supremacy
9. Remain Unbeaten
10. Still Waters Run Deep
11. Keep Your Distance
12. Serpent’s Chokehold
13. On Broken Glass

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Album Review

Spike Polite & Sewage – ‘Punk Not Dead’ [EP] [Album Review]

Seething with primal momentum and frenzied, punchy surfaces, Spike Polite & Sewage’s ‘Punk Not Dead’ projects an intensity of defiance and insurrection.



Spike Polite & Sewage ‘Punk Not Dead’ [EP] album artwork
Spike Polite & Sewage ‘Punk Not Dead’ [EP] album artwork

Punk Not Dead, the latest EP from Spike Polite & Sewage, is an insolent, provocative social satire, a response to the clueless decline of Western civilization, à la Oswald Spengler. Unrestrained, the EP was produced by Ted Sabety.

Made up of Spike Polite, aka Reagan Youth and Cheetah Chrome, on vocals, Michelle Shocked (bass, vocals), Antony Romero (guitar), and Beast (drums), Punk Not Dead follows on the band’s 2021 EP, PANDEMONIUM.

Comprising three tracks, Punk Not Dead opens with “What Happened to the Punk Rock,” rolling out in buzzsaw guitars riding tight, raw percussion. A single voice segues into gang-like vocals, imbuing the lyrics with enflamed indignation. This is old-school, fulminating punk rock.

Twitter is a Death Machine” delivers a short, vicious commentary on the malicious ramifications of social media platforms, specifically Twitter, now known as X. Traveling on a fast, chunky rhythm, the harmonics slice the atmosphere with edgy guitars.

Snarling, grinding guitars give the intro to the title track chaotic textures as sneering vocals infuse the lyrics with ferocious energy highlighted by ringing percussion. The outro reveals the spoken word vocals of Spike and Michelle announcing that “punk is not dead.”

Seething with primal momentum and frenzied, punchy surfaces, Punk Not Dead projects an intensity of defiance and insurrection.

Spike Polite & Sewage, photo courtesy of artists

Spike Polite & Sewage, photo courtesy of artists

Punk Not Dead Track Listing:

1. What Happened to the Punk Rock
2. Twitter is a Death Machine
3. Punk not Dead

Run Time: 3:24
Release Date: January 15, 2024
Record Label: Solid Bass Records

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Album News

The Empty Page Tease New Record ‘Imploding’ with “Cock Of the Fifth Year”

Manchester alt-punks The Empty Page announce their new album ‘Imploding’ and preview it with the lead single “Cock Of the Fifth Year.”



The Empty Page
The Empty Page

It’s been a long time since uncompromising Manchester alt-punks The Empty Page first unfurled their debut album Unfolding back in 2016. It was never their intention to leave it that long, but founding member and original drummer Jim Cattell left the band during the recording process due to ill health; then there was the pandemic, then life stuff got in the way. Some one-off songs and seven-inch single releases kept the fire and desire to play burning, signalling the path to the stunning new album Imploding, due for release this coming May 10th via the band’s own Vociferous Records.

Drummer John Simm (who also serves as percussionist for Stockport indie band Blossoms) plays on the record and at current live shows alongside front-woman Kel Page and guitarist Giz as The Empty Page prepare to enter their exciting next phase, which starts now in the guise of new single “Cock Of the Fifth Year,” the first track to be released from Imploding. The band wastes no time getting established with conviction and power. The new single bristles with attitude and energy and hits hard from the moment it leaves the speakers and wallops your ears and guts.

Page explains:

“‘Cock of the Fifth Year’ is what we called the biggest jock types when I was in high school. Cocky, brash loud and overly confident. Puffed up and swaggering and often quite intimidating. I liked the name for a song and wrote it initially about a cartoonish bloke who unselfconsciously uses up all the space available and makes others feel shoved out of the way. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of blokes like that I encounter when walking around my home city of Manchester. Swaggering, mouthy bellends who can be pretty intimidating when you’re a woman just trying to get from a to b. I was thinking about the idea that being a big deal in high school is the peak of some people’s lives. I hated school with a passion and my own Ife has got better and better as my school days have receded in the rearview. Seems a weird flex now to have been a big deal in high school.”

For Imploding, the band worked with producer Morton Kong and, for the first time, found themselves with the luxury of not having to rush the recording process and took full advantage of the creative space, utilizing the studio’s vintage gear and experimenting with sounds and fresh ideas and generally pushed themselves and their music further than it has ever gone before.

Imploding Track Listing:

1. Dry Ice
2. Cock of the Fifth Year
3. Life is a Wave
4. Medication Nation
5. I’m a White Hot Blade (Witches are Wicked)
6. Gorge (Oh Well)
7. Level Sedentary
8. Big Nasty Palpitations
9. Leaf Thin
10. What Happens Now?

The Empty Page will be playing the the following shows in May:

May 10 – The Night Owl London
May 16 – Yes Basement Manchester

The Empty Page ‘Imploding’ album artwork

The Empty Page ‘Imploding’ album artwork

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