After many twists and turns, changes of direction, and reconsiderations, Strange Familia have come through in a big way with their brand new single “Yesterday: a ballad about yesterday.”

The title is an obvious clue as to the message packed into this little four-minute jam from the Salt Lake City quartet. It’s a musing on looking backwards and the dissatisfaction that can come from that. Ultimately, it’s usually better to look optimistically at what’s upcoming, focus on the future, and not what we can’t change or have no control over.

Discussing the song, frontman Garret Williams states:

“Sometimes I feel like I remember the past too well. I’ve lived too many years of my life too focused on things I can’t change. ‘Yesterday’ is a reminder to forget. To move on and move forward in life with the ones that I love and the ones who love me.”

The lyrics came from a conversation that Williams had had with a long-time friend who was venting about their frustrations. Williams’ initial reaction was that these complaints were somewhat insignificant, and he wanted to tell his friend to take it easy, move on, and reassure them that it’ll probably all work out in the end. The song more recently became more relevant to him, as he experienced the end of a long-term relationship that he thought was headed to a family. In hindsight, it’s almost like “Yesterday: a ballad about yesterday” was written for himself, because of the circumstances that he found himself in.

Before the lyrics came along, the song began to take shape when his co-writer, Brecken Jones, was experimenting with some presets on a synthesizer. It was one single note that stuck out to him, with its broken quality, reminding him of a sound you might find on an old toy keyboard.

“Yesterday: a ballad about yesterday” and the recently released “honey.” marks the end of a three-year musical hiatus for Strange Familia. Williams and Jones, along with their bandmates Colter Hill on guitar and Cole Eisenhour on drums, are looking to build momentum with these songs, as they embrace the future and the hopeful opportunities that are sure to come along.

Strange Familia “Yesterday” single artwork
Strange Familia “Yesterday” single artwork