The brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Will Carpenter, alternative pop-rock duo Ships Have Sailed recently released their new single, “Silence,” a song stirred by a series of heartbreaking personal losses and featured in the season 19 finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

Carpenter shares, “As humans, one thing we have in common is the experience of loss. When I wrote ‘Silence’ I found myself dealing with a heavy burden of grief and simultaneously had so much going on that there was no room to process it. My mind was noisy. I made a deal with myself that I would find two minutes, twice a day, to just sit, be still and breathe, and this song just materialized in one of those moments.”

“Silence” opens on soft, sad guitars topped by Carpenter’s pensive vocals, imbuing the lyrics with gentle aromas of melancholy. As the mellow rhythmic pulse enters, the tune takes on the cadence of a throbbing heart while suffusions of gliding harmonics, exquisitely layered, flow overhead, infusing the song with proximate emotional sensations.

“Close your eyes / Embrace the sound / Trust the silence when it gets too loud.”

Elegiac yet peppered with tinges of hopefulness, “Silence” projects the mysterious energy and serenity of being enveloped in stillness.

Ships Have Sailed
Ships Have Sailed

Run Time: 3:16
Release Date: May 18, 2023
Record Label: Independent