Awarded the 2018 Black Label “Woman Artist of the Year Award,” R&B singer KEN continues to set the bar in what is proving to be one of her most healing records yet, “N E Thing.” Applying a more mindful definition to the traditional meaning of “unconditional love,” “N E Thing” does not explore a love without boundaries but rather, love without conditions.

Introducing an uplifting tone fit for the changing seasons, KEN kicks off a new sound compared to her former tendency toward downbeat, lo-fi tracks. Focused on exuding high-vibration music, the transition to a happier, lighter R&B sound suits the environment in which she’s excelling as she hopes to heal listeners from across the globe with ambient melodies fit for the radio waves.

“Do you even want to be loved, Cause I can take it all back / If that’s what you prefer,  You ain’t gotta do anything” ~ “N E Thing”

When asked what the song was about, KEN stressed that the track was, in fact, about loving someone for exactly who they are – even while they’re trying hard to impress you, what they don’t know is that their very essence is the reason you fell in love in the first place. In a continuation of this, “N E Thing” also makes it clear that pulling back and taking things slow is also an option if that is, in fact, what the situation calls for.

Released in anticipation of a meditative new album, KEN’s track sets the stage for a new chapter of personalized narratives that are meant to inspire, motivate and uplift. Often compared to artists like Jhené Aiko and Sade, her smooth R&B stylings offer a brilliant nod to the classic days of rhythm and blues while delivering a fresh voice and catchy hooks for this generation’s lovers of the genre. Currently based in Dallas, KEN has also had the unique opportunity to perform at the Arkansas Democrat Rally as well as the well-known Good Day NWA. Additionally, having shared stages with Texas legends Bun B, Chalie Boy and Smoody, it is no question that KEN is an emerging artist you should be paying attention to.

KEN “N E Thing” single artowrk
KEN “N E Thing” single artowrk