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PHNTMS Premiere Their Sugary New Single, “Coastline” (ft. April Rose Gabrielli)

If big, shiny hooks and infectious choruses are your thing, then you’ll be in heaven with “Coastline” (ft. April Rose Gabrielli), the beautiful pop song, delivered by the upbeat, LA-based trio, PHNTMS.



PHNTMS on Feb 11, 2022

Even if you don’t like where your life is at, it can be hard to make a change, but as PHNTMS say in their brand new single “Coastline,” sometimes you just gotta “keep on driving.” If big, shiny hooks and infectious choruses are your thing, then you’ll be in heaven with this beautiful pop song, delivered by this upbeat, LA-based trio.

“Coastline” is a song about moving forward, despite the risks and no matter what other people think of you. It’s about you doing you and thriving within the risks and realities of the new situation you are taking on. Both in terms of subject matter and sound, this is about as perfect of a free-spirited, driving-with-the-windows-all-the-way-down summer song as you could get.

Detailing the song and its origins, member Adam Jessamine comments:

“‘Coastline’ is a song about letting go of your current situation and moving on to what is best for you and your life. Taking a chance to be with the one you love forever. It was inspired by the story of how I left the East Coast to move to Los Angeles to be with my girlfriend, who ended up becoming my wife.

“It was recorded by producer Courtney Ballard (All Time Low, 5 Seconds to Summer, Emarosa, Grayscale). ‘Coastline’ is a part of a collection of songs to make an EP about moving to the West Coast. ‘Coastline’ was written by (bandmate) Adam Jessamine and April Rose Gabrielli who sings on the track.”

“Coastline” is emblematic of the trio’s (consisting of Adam Jessamine, Mikal Smith and April Rose Gabrielli) approach to their music, which is one of enthusiastically looking to the future while letting go of the past. Standing proudly as an LGBTQ+ act, PHNTMS began to establish themselves as a mainstay of the active Los Angeles indie scene. Their glossy take on pop rock and alternative pop is garnering them a growing following, which has been helped by performances alongside The 1975, Kings of Leon, Fits and The Trantrums, Bastille, Pale Waves, and more. Their vision as a band is to fully indulge in sugary pop songwriting while maintaining a soulful edge. By the sounds of things, it’s all working quite well, as this was music meant to be cherished, celebrated, and to make you feel happy.

PHNTMS “Coastline” single artwork

PHNTMS “Coastline” single artwork