London rock duo Nova Twins hosted an intimate pop-up show at Brooklyn, NY’s Elsewhere on Tuesday evening, and we were lucky to catch their set. Currently on tour with MUNA, Nova Twins are throwing pop-up shows as they tour the U.S., already playing Santa Ana, Dallas, and Baltimore, with Nashville and Indianapolis next on the list.

Nova Twins are lead vocalist/guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South. Formed in 2014, the best friends smash genres with influences from hard rock and pop while taking inspiration from ’00s girl groups for their always-on-point outfits and makeup.

Opening with “Fire & Ice,” “Cleopatra,” and “Toolbox” from their sophomore album Supernova, Nova Twins electrified the room. Their set was largely tracks from the album, interspersed with earlier releases like 2016’s “Wave” from their debut EP Nova Twins, in which Amy encouraged the crowd to create a moshing/twerk pit.

The duo continued with “Puzzles,” “Sleep Paralysis,” and “K.M.B” from Supernova before playing 2020 singles “Taxi” and “Bullet,” in which Amy interacted with the audience as she sang “It’s my body, it’s my mind” and encouraged them to respond with “do what I want with it!”

Nova Twins closed out their rockin’ set with “A Dark Place For Somewhere Beautiful” before exiting the stage and quickly re-appearing for an encore of “Antagonist,” “Undertaker,” and “Choose Your Fighter” where the duo entered the crowd and performed from the center in an intimate close to their show.