Vancouver-based indie-rock artist Night Hymns recently unveiled his new single, “Blue Bottle,” a song about living as a ‘happy fly’ rather than ‘free as a bird.’

Night Hymns explains, “I got the idea in a café called ‘Blue Bottle’ on a trip to San Francisco. The name just tickled me because it reminded me of a fat fly, probably because the café was not located in the tidiest corner of the city.”

A self-taught guitarist, Night Hymns, aka Wei, calls himself a “latter-day slacker rocker” who only picked the guitar to play rock and roll. To him, the concept of taking guitar lessons seems odd. If rock music didn’t exist, he would be doing something else.

Last year, Night Hymns released three singles, including “Shine On,” “Sans souci,” and “Araby,” which collectively amassed more than 120,000 streams on Spotify.

“Blue Bottle” opens on a subdued, crunching drum shuffle worthy of John Bonham, flowing into stripped-down layers of melodic indie-rock vaguely reminiscent of The Beatles, only with more resonance and echoing dynamics. Night Hymns’ voice, almost sweetly flavoured, imbues the lyrics with velvety timbres.

With its throwback rhythmic pulse and warm vocals, “Blue Bottle” exudes delicious tangs of shimmering retro textures.

Night Hymns
Night Hymns

Run Time: 3:44
Release Date: April 3, 2023
Record Label: Independent