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Molly Maguires Premieres Ghostly “Mercy Brown Will Have Her Revenge on New England” Music Video

Molly Maguires premiere the lyric video for their upcoming record’s ghostly first single, “Mercy Brown Will Have Her Revenge on New England.”



Molly Maguires, photo by Rob Santos

For hundreds of years, the vicinity of New England has been a great source of ghost stories, strange occurrences, and the paranormal, and Molly Maguires are channelling that tradition with their brand new record You Were Right All Along.

You can hear it, and see it, in the lyric video for the record’s first single, “Mercy Brown Will Have Her Revenge on New England.” It’s a “ghostly” song with a supernatural spirit, with the ethereal vocal harmonies of lead singer JJ Sorensen very much on display. The lyric video reflects this, with its discomforting visuals of the forest and its fallen and dying leaves, a place nothing is in bloom, and everything seems like it’s decaying.

Explaining more about the song and its origins and motivations, Sorensen tells us:

“Essentially, this is a song about ghosts. The concept is that Mercy Brown is haunting us and punishing us for what we did to her. There is imminent doom and death around every corner that is lurking in the shadows, from the earth beneath our feet, that is coming from the past. It’s all around us, we can’t escape it; it’s woven into the landscape and fabric of New England. I think it’s an interesting juxtaposition to pin Mercy Brown against Frances Farmer, and New England against Seattle.

“There are so many parallels between these settings and these women. I was drawn in by this concept, that we have tortured these innocent women unjustly and now because of this, their ghosts are destined to haunt us. I felt like this was a perfect way to encapsulate and fortify the dark themes of this new record.”

In the last few years, Molly Maguires has become a musical mainstay within their native New England and a band we have wholeheartedly supported since the beginning. You Were Right All Along is a significant step forward in the evolution of Molly Maguires musically, with its array of driving, more traditional rock anthems to eerier ballads, such as this first single. Sorensen and his primary collaborator Meghan Earle really stepped up on their songwriting on this newest release, adopting a more communal approach to writing with their bandmates rather than being more of a solo or two-team effort. Sorensen shifted his approach to writing songs, maintaining a personal touch while encouraging more collaborative storytelling, which helps emphasize that communal feel.

Death and darkness is a common theme that runs through You Were Right All Along, with many songs discussing depression, anxiety, and demise. The band’s locale of New England is a central element within the record, with the setting being used as a character and the environment being used as a creative lifeforce. Within that darkness is a glimmer of hope that we can find our way through the darkness and find some sense of comfort and reassurance.

Tour Dates:

05/27 – Shaidzon Beer Co. – Kingston, RI (full band)
06/25 – Shaidzon Beer Co. – Kingston, RI (JJ Sorensen & Jake Hunsinger)
07/07 – Nick-a-Nees – Providence, RI (full band)

Molly Maguires “Mercy Brown Will Have Her Revenge on New England” single artwork

Molly Maguires “Mercy Brown Will Have Her Revenge on New England” single artwork