With the honesty and level-headedness of an acoustic folk singer-songwriter, with the grooves and energy typical of a full-fledged rock band, Matthew Heller really packs quite a punch. Today, he unveils the brand-new music video for his latest single, “Goodbye & So Long,” which showcases Heller’s classic, old-school indie rock sound mixed up with his precise, addictive guitar grooves.

As the title suggests, the song grapples with love and acceptance and coming to terms with the fact that you’ll never get back the same as what you are giving. “Goodbye & So Long” is evocative, and it’s also a splendid instance of Heller’s storyteller approach, reminiscent of the great folk troubadours of the past and present.

Expounding on what his new single means to him, Heller offers:

“This song is about how it feels to rain love on a person who refuses to accept it, how all that love goes to waste on them, but that doesn’t make the effort of raining love down on the unaccepting person useless or in vain. It’s like you give people as much love as they are willing to accept, and when they don’t want it anymore, you move on, people do that, whether your girlfriend wants to work in a dangerous warzone, or not.”

As a musical raconteur, Heller’s songs typically deal with hard truths and realities, with a certain sense of tragedy imbued with his own sort of wit and absurdity. More recently, he has really come into his own as a songwriter, comfortable with being a little bit odd and idiosyncratic rather than sticking to the profile of a sensitive, subtle songwriter that was more typical of his earlier work. Based in Portland, the city’s vibrant and eclectic arts scene has really had a very positive influence on Heller as an artist, able to draw on a wide range of musical styles and influences while also indulging in the community spirit of his local surroundings.

On the whole, Heller is a musician who is difficult to categorize, content with bouncing from one sound to another, and constantly reinventing himself. He’s more interested in making you feel something, inviting you to think deeply and consider your place in the world as an emotional being.

Matthew Heller “Goodbye & So Long” single artwork
Matthew Heller “Goodbye & So Long” single artwork