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Kristian North Premieres His Retro-Flavoured “Cancel Your Plans” Music Video

“Cancel Your Plans” is the single, and ‘Pseudoscience Fiction’ (Mothland) is the album. Today Kristian North debuts the single’s video; a fuzzed-out, colourful, retro-styled clip that’s also a little bit on the trippy side.



Kristian North in 2023, photo by Georgia Graham

If you think back on our experiences over these last few years, you can probably put two and two together when you’re considering what Kristian North is getting at with the title of his latest single and newest album.

“Cancel Your Plans” is the single, and Pseudoscience Fiction (Mothland) is the album, with North making some strong statements regarding our global pandemic-relate existences. Today comes the release of the official visual accompaniment to “Cancel Your Plans,” a fuzzed-out, colourful, retro-styled clip that’s also a little bit on the trippy side.

Discussing the video’s inspirations, Director Bianca Shonee Arroyo-Kreimes tells us:

“The visuals for ‘Cancel Your Plans’ were inspired by looks often associated with 1980s Miami, which for me, conjures up soft pink and yellow colour palettes, palm trees, beaches, and sports cars. I felt it was only suitable for Kristian North’s song, which urges listeners to essentially take the day off; is there a better way to take the day off than to float on an inflatable bed in a giant 3D swimming pool while watching TV?

“In terms of the content within the video, I wanted to blur the distinction of reality and imagination for the character (Kristian North and Kristian North’s avatar) by playing with the idea that maybe the whole experience within itself was just a movie all along.”

Pseudoscience Fiction is the Montreal-based North’s third solo effort and is his most musically adventurous and risky. Consisting of eight new tracks, this record has a sort of postmodern feel, but it also features many influences that harken back to some of the classic eras of popular music.

North deliberately engages with the principles and spirit of classic era soul and funk, disco, and more ostentatious subgenres like rock opera and show tunes. It’s what makes North’s music so difficult to classify, which is a good thing in an era of over-classification. Much like some of the best pieces of fiction ever produced, North’s futuristic vision for his music is very much rooted in the spirit of the past.

Pseudoscience Fiction Track Listing:

1. Role Of The Dice
2. Masterpiece
3. The Masked Singer
4. Mercy (feat. Elle Barbara)
5. Pseudoscience Fiction
6. Cozumel
7. Fear Factor
8. Cancel Your Plans

Kristian North ‘Pseudoscience Fiction’ album artwork

Kristian North ‘Pseudoscience Fiction’ album artwork