Renowned Berlin-based industrial techno/synth punk artist Kris Baha shares the lead single “Nothing is Real” from his upcoming album (due out later this year). This work is being presented in collaboration with his new project name: Ghosts In The Machine.

Kris Baha comments on the tune:

“Ghosts In The Machine is a sci-fi-inspired concept that is set in two timelines, a future looking back to the now and how we could have corrected our society before the AI take over, stripping away our souls, becoming Ghosts In The Machine.”

“Nothing is Real” was mixed and mastered by Maurizio Baggio, producer/mix & mastering engineer for Boy Harsher and The Soft Moon.

Kris is a fixture in Berlin’s Industrial EBM & club scene, playing at notable parties and venues such as Cocktail D’Amore, Tresor & Panorama bar, RSO and Urban Spree, where he dives deep into the void to deliver extended sets of otherworldly machine music driven by emotion and mood as well as running his own live and DJ-focused party night, Wired. The same ethos applies to his performance-based live shows, which were initially inspired by his love for the pioneering gigs of the first industrial music era.

Kris Baha “Nothing Is Real” single artwork, photo by John Rohrer
Kris Baha “Nothing Is Real” single artwork, photo by John Rohrer