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Junebug Soothes with the Premiere of Her “Hurt A Fly” Single

Junebug’s music can be considered therapeutic. Her brand-new single, “Hurt A Fly,” is light and introspective. it’s easy listening, honest and straight up, but almost soothing in the best possible way.



Junebug, photo by Monika Levčenkovaitė

There’s a certain classification of artists whose music could be considered therapeutic, and you can slot Junebug into that category, as you’ll hear on her latest single, “Hurt A Fly.” Light and introspective, the singer-songwriter’s music is easy listening, honest and straight up, but almost soothing in the best possible way.

It’s well aligned with a lot of what you heard on her 2021 debut EP Turncoat, expressive and even vulnerable songs that are casual but conversational and introspective. They make you think, but they’re not overwhelming to the ears or the mind, much like a lot of the folk and light rock music to come from the 1960s and 1970s. For more info on Junebug, just click here.

Describing the song to us, Junebug offers:

“‘Hurt A Fly’ is the feeling of anticipatory anxiety, like something catastrophic might happen, and you’re just bracing yourself for the worst. At first, the song was about the sadistic wish of wanting someone to live up to the pain you believe they could cause you. However, I soon realized that living in constant fear of how others might hurt you is a damage to yourself. None of us are incapable of causing harm, we are all capable of hurting others, and even more so capable of inflicting unwanted harm upon ourselves unknowingly. The culmination of all of these various strands of thoughts lead to the creation of ‘Hurt A Fly.’”

“Hurt A Fly” is the first of a slate of new songs that you will hear on an upcoming EP that Junebug, aka, Carolyn Fahrner is currently preparing. No release date has been set yet, but you can expect to see it sometime by the end of the summer. In recording this EP, she decided to really own up to both the positive and not-so-positive parts of her life, comfortable in leaning into her vulnerability, creating songs that are both artistic and therapeutic. Most of Fahrner’s lyrics are instigated by her own experiences and introspective thoughts. Philosophy tends to be a significant source of inspiration in her songwriting, motivated by her double major college degree in Philosophy and Psychology.

There’s a lot ruminating in the mind of Carolyn Fahrner, but she is one of the few artists who can so skillfully intersect philosophy and songwriting, and actually make it as elegant and tasteful as what you hear today.

Junebug “Hurt A Fly” single artwork

Junebug “Hurt A Fly” single artwork