In a landscape where genres often collide, HU$H is emerging as a truly unique artist, fearlessly navigating the realms of metal, punk, rap, and electronic on his eighteen-track Strange Music debut LP, SKUNKWORKS out now.

When asked about the album HU$H says:

“It’s been such a crazy process, a lot of experimenting and trying to find new ways to create, hence the name ‘SKUNKWORKS’. Spent a lot of time in it, creating artwork and video animations, even programmed an audio plug-in to get FX I needed. I’m really happy with the way it came out and extremely grateful to Strange Music for putting this music out.”

He continues:

“‘Dulli’ came together at the very last minute… I think the album went out to distribution two days after getting Tech’s verse, and X-Raided came a few weeks before to record while we were finishing mixing the album. It’s by far one of my favorite tracks on the album and was such an honor to work with two legends. The video was crazy, the space they rented was incredible, and having Tech and X in one of my videos… it’s just beyond.”

On SKUNKWORKS, HU$H displays his talents as an artist by assuming the roles of producer, instrumentalist, songwriter, and vocalist on every track. Catching the attention of Strange Music with his shapeshifting style he signed with the label in 2021 and has since generated over ten million streams and counting.

Hu$h ‘Skunkworks’ album artwork
Hu$h ‘Skunkworks’ album artwork

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