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hey it’s jay’s “Doing Fine” Encourages an Open Dialogue Around Mental Health

Pop-rock artist hey it’s jay releases his second single, “Doing Fine,” from his debut EP ‘H.E.L.P.’



hey it's jay

Pop-rock artist hey it’s jay releases his second single, “Doing Fine,” from his debut EP H.E.L.P. The track is a seamless blend of doo-wop and anthemic rock that delivers a powerful message about mental health and explores the universal lie of saying you’re fine when you’re not.

Despite grappling with personal struggles, hey it’s jay found himself hiding behind a positive facade, leaving his loved ones unaware of what he was facing behind the scenes. He was inspired to write “Doing Fine” to call out the phrase “I’m fine,” dispel the negative stigma surrounding mental health and encourage an open dialogue. In a generation of manufactured perfection, “Doing Fine” invites listeners to embrace their imperfections and ask for the support they need. hey it’s jay wants to instill a new belief around mental health, one that invites open conversations, honesty, and vulnerability. “Doing Fine” creates a culture of transparency, encouraging the audience to go beyond surface-level conversations and to genuinely check in on their loved ones.

The instrumentation of “Doing Fine” is a high-energy fusion of pop, punk, and rock, which pays homage to classic rock while also adding a modern twist. The track features crisp, punchy drums that powerfully propel the song forward, gritty electric guitars that evoke a sense of nostalgia, and emotive vocals that embody the urgency of the message behind the song. Together, these elements create an electrifying and engaging listening experience that perfectly elevates the song’s lyrical content.

hey it’s jay is a pop-rock artist hailing from the deserts of Arizona with the goal of building a community around inclusion and understanding, which gives a voice to the broken and misunderstood. While realizing his vision, he moved to Los Angeles and graduated from ICON Collective College of Music, honing his skills as a storyteller, songwriter, and vocalist. Formerly a producer and DJ, hey it’s jay discovered the missing puzzle piece to his art: tapping into his roots and long-time love for rock, pop-punk, and storytelling/songwriting. His soon-to-release debut EP, H.E.L.P. (Here Everyone Likes Pain), combines his warm presence with vulnerable, honest lyricism that listeners can easily relate to. Get ready to be transported to a world of high-energy anthemic pop punk, where the warm presence and vulnerable lyrics of hey it’s jay combine with raw, catchy topline melodies to create an unforgettable listening experience.

hey it's jay "doing fine" single artwork

hey it’s jay “Doing Fine” single artwork