If you need a reminder of what “rock” sounds like, then Hero Jr. is here to provide it with their latest single, “To Die For.” Today marks the debut of the song and its accompanying music video, a more classic-sounding rock tune than what you hear on the radio today. So much of today’s scene is composed of indie or pop rock slanted bands, with no emphasis on riffs anymore, like the late ’60s and early ’70s when riffs were king.

Well, like all truly great bands, Hero Jr. doesn’t pay much attention to trends or musical tendencies and has thankfully handed us a total riff rocker with “To Die For,” harkening back to the days of Sabbath or Zeppelin. Recorded live in the band’s living room, it’s old-school rock for a new generation that features all of the power and oomph often missing from what we call “modern rock.”

Discussing the song, the band states:

“[The song is about] counting on your friends and the realization that there are not a lot of people you can count on to truly be there when you need them. We prefer to let listeners find their own relationship with our lyrics. Our two lyricists, Evan and Ken, write from different points of view and life experiences so a finished Hero Jr. lyric can be interpreted by different listeners in different ways.”

Over the last several years, Hero Jr. has quietly established themselves as a real musical force, preserving the legacy of great riff-heavy, no-nonsense rock. It’s really been quite a run for the quartet, using their talent and strong work ethic to etch out their own place as a band, which has been recognized by a ton of wildly popular bands and artists. They have opened for Alice Cooper, Tom Petty, The Offspring, LA Guns, Daughtry, and many more, performing nearly 1,000 shows in the United States alone.

That work ethic drives this band forward, focused on their craft, proud of their influences, and primarily interested in just having a place to play their music. They have become known for being a dynamite live act, and they are known to take their songs and refocus them in a live setting, often turning them into epic live jam sessions in which they really put their instrumental talents on display. There’s no right or wrong way to “rock,” but if you’re looking for something classically authentic, at least in terms of what rock was originally intended to sound like, then Hero Jr. has got you covered.

Hero JR. “To Die For” single artwork
Hero JR. “To Die For” single artwork