Kicking off a highly anticipated string of new releases, alternative pop artist George Arthur Calendar introduces a fun and relatable new single, “Thrift Kiss.” Mastered by Francisco Sanchez, “Thrift Kiss” is an undeniable synth-pop bop inspired by 1980’s lo-fi. Leading with a catchy drum machine beat, groovy disco bass, funky noodling guitars, lush synth pads and a silky vocal, his new single will have you bobbing your head from beginning to end.

Channelling the time he took a girl to a thrift store on their first date, the song explores fun and quirky things that the couple has in common, one of those being a beloved interest in fashion, shopping and uniquely cheap finds. Inspired by the go-to thrift store in Chicago, Village Discount, his self-directed video embraces the artsy, post-hipster vibe of his current home in Logan Square, Chicago. The song and video for “Thrift Kiss” are exactly what the doctor ordered for the late spring/early summer months.

“I wanna take you thrifting Babe, I wanna share my secrets / And take you, Take you 2 my hot spots.”

George Arthur Calendar is a Mexican musician located in the city of Chicago. Since his start in 2015, GAC has released three albums, all influenced by the juxtaposition of life’s routine patterns and eccentricities. By taking the phases of modern life from its most common to its most bizarre moments, his music attracts listeners from all over the world who can relate to the most mundane yet hilarious parts of our world.

Marked by hints of new wave, disco and jazz, we are also keenly aware of new influences like Cuco and Clairo’s signature alt-pop sound. Equally dedicated to the visual component of his art, George collaborates with an array of graphic artists to create and compose a unique aesthetic perfectly paired with his tendency toward bedroom pop, psychedelic funk and tropical synth-pop. This year alone, GAC has shared the stage with bands like Say She She, King Pari and TC Superstar; he looks forward to opening for The Pearl & The Oysters and Jared Mattson, in addition to performances at several festivals throughout the summer.

George Arthur Calendar “Thrift Kiss” single artwork
George Arthur Calendar “Thrift Kiss” single artwork