Feet Out the Window,” the latest single from Vancouver-based alt-country singer-songwriter Geoff Gibbons, is a creamy, dreamy listening delight, gliding on soft shimmering textures.

Gibbons explains, “The song was born after a conversation with a friend who had recently gone through a tough marriage break up…wishing to remember his former partner in the best of their time together.”

A full-time working musician and a producer-engineer who has lived his life immersed in music, Gibbons grew up listening to Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell, and Neil Young. Later, at the age of 20, he travelled to Australia’s Gold Coast, where he performed for tourists, followed by teaming up with a friend to form the duo Silverlode, which returned to Vancouver to share the stage with Emmylou Harris, the McGarrigle Sisters, David Crosby, and Levon Helm and Rick Danko of The Band.

As a solo artist, Gibbons released a series of albums and created songs for television shows, including Higher Ground, Just Cause, and Robson Arms. He also composed the score and songs for Wolf Moon (aka Dark Moon Rising).

Elusively reminiscent of George Strait or Jimmy Webb, “Feet Out the Window” rolls out on cashmere surfaces, rippling with indulgent, wistful coloration. Gibbons’ smooth and silky voice imbues the lyrics with nostalgic flavours.

Highlighted by the easygoing, appealing voice of Geoff Gibbons, “Feet Out the Window” delivers gorgeous washes of alt-country.

Geoff Gibbons
Geoff Gibbons

Run Time: 4:01
Release Date: March 30, 2023
Record Label: Independent