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Filter – ‘The Amalgamut’ (20th Anniversary) [Vinyl Review]

Bolstering the band’s 30th-anniversary celebrations, the 2023 vinyl release of Filter’s third studio album, ‘The Amalgamut’ (Craft Recordings), debuts as a 2LP set with printed inner sleeves.



Filter ‘The Amalgamut’ (20th Anniversary) vinyl cover artwork

Bolstering the band’s 30th-anniversary celebrations, the 2023 vinyl release of Filter’s third studio album, The Amalgamut (also the record’s first-ever vinyl treatment), debuts as a 2LP set with printed inner sleeves. Order your copy here.

The cover art replicates the album’s original artwork from the 2002 release. Simply put, the finished product is beautifully done. It has a gatefold jacket which features each of the track lyrics, reminiscent of cassette liners from what’s now considered a bygone era. A simple and obvious component, this feature truly adds to the overall vinyl experience.

The Amalgamut is full of nostalgia as these songs have been released for twenty years. Finally hearing them on vinyl, however, is akin to experiencing them for the first time. The pressing is really well done here, as the sound quality exceeds expectations, giving fans opportunities to gain some new favourites from this emotional tertiary recording.

The album’s opener, “You Walk Away,” is a solid track, a mix of some of Filter’s heavier music and catchy lyrics, complimented by founder Richard Patrick’s unique vocals. (Check out our recent Cover Story with Richard here.) The hidden jewel of the album, “The Missing,” contains heavy guitar riffs that compliment the dash of vulnerability through Patrick’s vocal range. The song is a tribute to lost loved ones.

“The Only Way (Is the Wrong Way)” exposes some punk rock influence, which is not a common theme in Filter’s catalogue, while “My Long Walk to Jail” showcases the group’s softer side. Finally, tracks “God Damn Me” and “The World Today” give fans classic angst rock.

Overall, The Amalgamut is a solid and underappreciated record, giving the listener a clear picture of Filter’s overall talents and creativity. Pulling inspiration from many of rock’s subgenres including alt-rock, punk, metal and obviously, industrial (as Richard Patrick’s previous tenure was in Trent Reznors’s Nine Inch Nails), there is a variety of content to chew on. Filter’s creative vision is starting to see fruition on this album, serving as a catalyst for some of the band’s most classic work.

The Amalgamut Track Listing:

Side A:
1. You Walk Away
2. American Cliché
3. Where Do We Go From Here

Side B:
1. Columind
2. The Missing
3. The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way)

Side C:
1. My Long Walk To Jail
2. So I Quit
3. God Damn Me
4. It Can Never Be The Same

Side D:
1. World Today
2. The 4th

Run Time: 57:35
Release Date: March 31, 2023
Record Label: Craft Recordings, distributed by Concord

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