Fiery pop-rock group Encore, fronted by brothers Donald and Richard Plant, have stepped into the limelight as one of the music industry’s most vibrant new artists. Since their debut, the Plant brothers have launched themselves into orbit as a band that focuses on creating a community through their music and building a legacy for years to come. By fusing together a blend of inspiration from some of music’s timeless legends, Encore has contrived a unique, Rolling Stones-esque look supported by a boisterous and intrepid sound.

Their song, “DONE,” reflects the irony of how just a few simple words can be expanded into an entire story, diving into its history and saying so much even though it appears to be so little. Four distinct sections of song that somehow blend together into a raw, authentic feeling sound that hits your heart and resonates with your emotions.

Commenting, the band shares:

“We wanted to bring back the feeling of nostalgia that music can give you – one of complete submersion into a track where you’re singing at the top of your lungs in your bedroom, or even in the car. ‘DONE’ gives us that opportunity to emotionally connect, giving 100% of ourselves to express thoughts and feelings through a few simple words.

“We’ve been working on this for a while, trying to find a new, innovative style that blends our musical influences and aspirations together. As the first single from our debut album, this song stands apart as an example of what this new chapter will look like, and what people can expect from us moving forward.”

Encore “DONE” single artwork
Encore “DONE” single artwork

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