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Elina Filice Premieres Her Passionate Music Video for “Don’t Let Me Fall”

With her new music video for her latest single, “Don’t Let Me Fall,” singer-songwriter Elina Filice is tying herself in knots, literally.



Elina Filice

With her new music video for her latest single, “Don’t Let Me Fall,” Elina Filice is tying herself in knots, literally. The singer-songwriter takes on the topic of entanglements in this latest offering, a fun-sounding tune with a serious side. Within the anthemic hook, infectious beat, and dynamic energy is a story about mental health and the heavy burden that falls upon someone trying to maintain their love for someone else in a depressive decline.

Filmed in Toronto at Lunar Studios with filmmaker and editor Kim Philms, the video cleverly depicts this decline that Filice is discussing within the song. There is a frenzied sort of self-destruction taking place that creates a chaotic angst that just won’t relent. You see it within the arms and hands tugging and pulling away at her body, representing the frustrating feeling of losing control of yourself.

Discussing the filming of the video, Filice states:

“Myself and filmmaker (a close friend) Phil had an ambitious vision for this video. We wanted to make something really chaotic and frenzied, to represent the chaos and destruction of a mental health battle. What it resulted in was us smashing dumpster dived items in a warehouse, which was actually a lot of fun. This is our fourth project together. What I love about working with Phil is that he takes my initial vision and explodes it, adding the creativity and flavour that makes him such a great filmmaker, taking ideas and bringing them to life in a visually impactful way!”

Filice is beginning to gain attention thanks to the wide appeal she casts with her songs that defy easy classification or characterization. They are accompanied by some highly impressive, original, and interactive live performances, which are much more than just people playing guitars and holding microphones on a stage. Her songs are soulful and melodic, with touches of blues and spoken word styles. Born to Canadian parents in Singapore, she eventually found her way back to her birthplace, attending university in Hamilton, Ontario, and then for a time, moving to Dublin to pursue music more seriously.

What’s truly special about Filice is that she cares about so much more than just her own musical pursuits. She strongly advocates for queer rights and views music as the perfect space to create solidarity in the queer community. She also founded her record label, Red Vine Records, a coaching and consulting service that works with artists on not just music but also business, digital marketing, social media, PR, content strategies, and more. Filice is someone who takes charge, and she ultimately aims to empower other independent artists to do the same because it’s only through our own efforts that we can truly reach our potential and help lift each other up

Elina Filice ‘Flight Risk’ EP album artwork

Elina Filice ‘Flight Risk’ EP album artwork