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Dirty White Shoes Premiere Their Music Video for “Cowgirl in the Rain”

Singer-songwriter Dirty White Shoes premieres the music video for “Cowgirl in the Rain,” a track with a clear message: break away, be yourself, and take risks.



Dirty White Shoes, photos by Sydney Standish

Unfortunately, we live in a climate of fear, where apprehension often reigns supreme, so it’s important that we have artists like Dirty White Shoes aiming to inspire us to branch out. Today marks the premiere of the singer-songwriter’s latest music video for “Cowgirl in the Rain,” a track with a clear message: break away, be yourself, and take risks.

There’s a whole world out there to discover, which is often lost on individuals because they are so set in their ways within their reality. Well, you can throw all that in the garbage and take a lesson from Dirty White Shoes today, to do you and to invest in yourself and your risk-taking side.

To explain more about “Cowgirl in the Rain,” singer and songwriter Angel Ascencio says:

“The song has a clear message about escaping a repetitive and draining routine, and was released to help clear a clouded mind. It encourages fans to take a chance on different experiences outside of their comfort zone and help find new meaning and purpose within themselves. The song is easily relatable in today’s society where everything is about who you know, the status you hold, where you’re from and what you do.

“But, WHO CARES! Explore new places alone or find a home within someone who makes it easy to go anywhere with and maybe end up at a bar you never thought you’d visit. Make the most of the time you have by putting fear and differences aside and take a chance on yourself while having a good time doing it.”

Ascencio is joined in Dirty White Shoes by his trusted friend and collaborator, producer Jordan Waller. What they excel most at as a songwriting duo is their ability to write easily relatable songs that most can find meaning within. This is all done with an emphasis on defined guitar solos, groovy drums, thick synths, and classic-sounding keyboards.

Charisma and appeal are very much at play here in a significant way, with the duo exuding confidence in their talents, abilities, and vision. There’s a dreamer aspect to this act, which really contributes to how likable they are. Sometimes, you just have to dream big, which is what Ascencio and Waller have done with Dirty White Shoes.

Dirty White Shoes “Cowgirl in the Rain” single artwork

Dirty White Shoes “Cowgirl in the Rain” single artwork