DEBAUCH-a-ReNO, the long-running garage punk n’roll festival, returns to Northern Nevada with pioneering names from abroad and stateside within the genre slated to headline both weekend events in June and July.

The bulk of the festival occurs from June 16th – June 18th between downtown Reno’s Wingfield Park Amphitheatre and the kick-off/after parties held over in midtown at Cypress Bar  Headlining June’s events include the wild San Bruno budget rockers, The Mummies, one of the San Diego area’s distinguished punk forefathers, The Zeros, and legendary Belgian punks, The Kids, returning to the United States for the first time since 2016. The concluding festivities will occur southbound of Reno in the sleepy mining town of Virginia City on July 14th, with the notable artistic renaissance man Wild Billy Childish & CTMF granting a US exclusive appearance alongside Atlanta trash n’ groove rockers, Subsonics, and Sacramento garage rock powerhouse, Th’ Losin’ Streaks in the more intimate and nostalgic atmosphere of the historic Piper’s Opera House

Slovenly Recordings, purveyors of the worldwide rock n’ roll fringe, has curated this lineup of roster bands mixing with the impactful headliners.  Festival organizer Pete Menchetti also made it a point to showcase some of the names within Reno’s burgeoning underground rock n’ roll scene with appearances by Clarko, Spitting Image, Thee Saturday Knights, Pussy Velour, Rotary Club, and The Juvinals as part of Junes lineup. Below, Pete shares his thoughts on the noticeable local scene in DEBAUCH-a-ReNO’s lineup block. 

DEBAUCH-a-ReNO 2023 festival poster
DEBAUCH-a-ReNO 2023 festival poster

“All the changes the city’s gone through over the years have led to Reno developing a solid rock n’ roll scene, and some great local bands are now making records. That’s another thing I’m stoked about with this year’s DEBAUCH-a-ReNO, we’re showing a good number of these bands, and I think people will be surprised by how good these bands are.”

Additional bands scheduled to perform include Deadbolt, The Troublemakers, Eddie & The Subtitles, The Okmoniks, Puppy & The Handjobs, Tube Alloys, Just Head, and Lo-Lite. A vinyl record fair and live DJs from Nevada, Kansas City, and California will be on hand all weekend. 

This installment is the fifth production of DEBAUCH-a-ReNO since first launching in 2008, marking the pearl and china anniversaries of the two producing companies Sticker Guy! and Slovenly Recordings, respectively. Past performances have included The Sonics, The Oblivians, Reigning Sound, Shannon & The Clams, The Spits, The Gories, The Dickies, Reverend Beat-Man & Izobel Garcia, The Anomalys, The Chats, and Surfbort, among many more.  

For tickets and festival information, visit DEBAUCH-a-ReNO’s website.