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Bay Area Rapper Chow Mane Honors AAPI Month with New Project ‘AZN Dragon: Cake Long’

Chow Mane is ready to debut his custom project of new and already been released tracks entitled ‘AZN Dragon: Cake Long’ on all streaming platforms.



Chow Mane

Inspired by the popular animated TV series American Dragon: Jake Long, Bay Area star Chow Mane is ready to debut his custom project of new and already released tracks entitled AZN Dragon: Cake Long on all streaming platforms. A highly anticipated release by fans worldwide, AZN Dragon includes some of his biggest hits, including “ABG 2,” “Beyblade,” and “Go Back 2 China.”

Featuring a new wide-ranging versatility of sound, Chow Mane offers a mix of mainstream-friendly melodies and culturally impactful themes, focusing his content on the Asian perspective. Hoping to honour AAPI month, his project aims to raise awareness of Asian culture through modern-day hip-hop lyrics and beats.

Allowing his vulnerability to shine through comedic writing, the young artist delivers a unique life story through the lens of a personality that fans have known to grow and love. Chow Mane is known for his diverse, unorthodox, but carefully crafted music. Sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter (but always tasty), the flavours in Chow Mane’s music range from lighthearted and cheeky to melodic and sobering.

Chow Mane combines infectious delivery, playful vocals, and complete soundscapes to balance West Coast hip-hop, alternative R&B, and pop. Chow Mane earned international recognition for his sonic versatility — being able to switch between crooning storytelling in his nostalgic single “WOES IN THE 510” to the cultural wordplay in his viral hit “ABG.” Fans quickly latched onto Chow’s bouncy delivery and raspy vocals, and he produced a series of viral singles such as “Candy (What’s The Word),” “Tasty!,” and “San Jose.”

Chow Mane ‘AZN Dragon: Cake Long’ album artwork

Chow Mane ‘AZN Dragon: Cake Long’ album artwork